L-Tron Corporation specializes in Electronic Citation, incident, and accident reporting with their purpose-built 4910LR DL Reader

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Founded in 1975 L-Tron has equipment deployed into 3000+ municipalities across all 50 states. The equipment includes our popular 4910LR Driver’s License Reader, OSCR360 Spherical Photography System, and a broad range of patrol vehicle equipment.

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7911 Lehigh Crossing, Suite 6
Victor, NY 14564 US

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We started working with Law Enforcement 20 years ago with purpose-built electronic citation equipment, created from the direct input of Police Officers.

4910LR Driver’s License Reader:

Deployed in all 50 states- the unique mic form factor design of the 4910LR Driver’s License Scanner is favored by Officers for electronic ticketing, incident reporting and accident reporting in the patrol vehicle; it includes gray-scale image capture capabilities for radar readings, signature capture, accident sketches and more. Scan barcodes from the driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations in any lighting condition to complete your reports in minutes.

"The less time we need to be on the side of the road is huge."
-  New York Officer


NEW in 2018* 4910LR Magnetic Mount:  

The 4910LR Magnetic Mount is a result of your input, improving on the design of the original mount for quick and easily storage of the scanner between stops.

Rated for up to 70 lbs. of force the Mag Mount holds the 4910LR barcode scanner’s mic form factor firmly in place. As soon as the 4910LR gets close to the Magnetic Mount it engages and self-centers; it disengages just as quickly and easily.

“Anybody that’s used these old mounts with the plastic knows that they can break off. Sometimes you’ll see the scanners in a cup holder, or sometimes they fall on the seat, and it’s not a good idea to have to go looking for it while you’re at a traffic stop. You want to maintain eye contact with the driver of the vehicle. Having [the TraCS scanner] closer to you, and not able to move – those magnets are really strong – it makes me feel better at least. "
- New York Police Officer

In addition to the license scanner, outfit your patrol car with fast and reliable mobile printers, rugged laptops and tablets, sturdy mounting equipment, thermal paper in order to support electronic ticketing from your “mobile office”.

We partner with hardware and software providers you know and trust including Brother, DELL, Getac, Havis, Honeywell, IKEY, LEM, Zebra and more.

Oscr360 Usa

OSCR360 is first on the scene.

Built for you - from your voice. Thousands of hours spent collaborating with Law Enforcement and Prosecutors. Every feature in the OSCR software came from your feedback and was developed with your budget and resource challenges top of mind.

Everywhere, every case, every time.

Use the OSCR360 capture kit to document your crime scene. Use the OSCR software to organize and present your case. All digital supporting crime scene evidence can be added to each project/case. Case organization is maintained from capture to presentation.  The results speak for themselves. Simple, quick & EASY to use; little to no training required- you spoke – we listened.

"Cops are a pain in the ass to deal with. But guess what, these guys love using OSCR. They actually love using it and taking it out. They're putting it in their cars every single day. We brought in demo cars for them to test drive and figure out what they liked. They drove them for 20 minutes and said nope and wouldn't get back in it because they're just stubborn but they LOVE OSCR. [chuckling] It's so stinking easy to set up and use."  
– NY Police Officer


Your Success Is Our Purpose

The feedback we receive from agencies keeps us motivated and constantly improving. We have a support team that includes [RET] Police Officers available to listen to your concerns and help us better meet your needs. Chat with us on the road at conferences nationwide, invite us to demo our equipment in your area, attend one of our accredited educational courses, or just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to find out how we can better serve you.

"L-Tron's customer service representatives are wonderful! I ordered 16 LTron scanners and needed to have them delivered quickly. The representatives with whom I dealt were very professional and accommodating. THANK YOU!  "
- County Deputy Clerk, AZ

Visit our website: www.L-Tron.com.

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