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Have you ever been on patrol or in the middle of an investigation and thought, I wish a product existed that allowed me to do this task even better? If you answered Yes, you’re not alone. While many in law enforcement simply wish for a product to be developed, others take up the task of creating the item themselves. In fact, some of the best law enforcement products to come to market stem from LEOs like yourself who have a challenge or an issue that can’t be solved by current offerings.

1. Direct traffic with better visibility 

When Deidre Goodwin was nearly struck by a vehicle while directing traffic, she knew there had to be a better way to increase her own visibility. “I was wearing gloves that my agency provided, but they did not work because drivers kept yelling that they couldn’t see my hands,” she says. “I went out looking for gloves that were more visible, durable, reflective, tactical and lightweight and they did not exist.” So Goodwin sold her house, cashed out her 401k and HALTZGLOVES was born. “My law enforcement friends gave input and feedback while in research and development,” she says. “It was vital that these gloves did not impede us while doing our job.” The HALTZGLOVES lineup includes nighttime and daytime full gloves and half gloves.

2. Stay dry under body armor

United Tactical Gear launched its breakthrough baselayer, CoolShield, which improves on the comfort of a moisture-wicking t-shirt with elongated, vertical ribs, three in front and two in back. It is made to be worn under armor, in place of the usual t-shirt or turtleneck. CoolShield’s flexible, lightweight rib material creates spaces between vest and skin that promote ventilation, moisture transfer and temperature regulation. It makes wearing armor more comfortable and reduces chafing, perspiration and odor. CoolShield works in all climates with standard or external carriers.

CoolShield does not compromise armor’s function in any way and results show it can reduce backface pressure in some cases. Ballistic testing by an independent, NIJ-accredited ballistic lab has resulted in CoolShield achieving certification when worn in conjunction with Level II-A armor. CoolShield has been awarded Member Tested and Recommended status by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association.

3. Test sobriety easily

LEOs can use the new Field Sobriety Test Mat for educational efforts or for real field sobriety testing. The Field Sobriety Test Mat can be used with or without impairment goggles for officers doing demonstrations in the community, or even for training new recruits at the academy. It could also be used for real testing with impaired drivers as it would eliminate any issues with not having a “straight line” on the street or highway.

Three simple tasks—picking up change, car keys and a cell phone—can be performed, followed by the heel-to-toe walk the line test and the one-legged stand field sobriety test. For use in educational purposes, the first time the participant can be “sober” and the second time “impaired” while wearing the Drunk Busters Goggles.

“As a long time law enforcement officer myself, I could also see the mat actually being used for real field sobriety testing on the road,” says Curt Kindschuh, founder and owner of Drunk Busters of America, LLC. “Simply roll out the mat, and you have a perfectly straight line as well as “footprints” for the suspected DUI offender to put his/her shoes in for the one-legged stand test.”

4. Use a discreet sling bag

Designed by the CEO of Eastern Beacon Industries, Ron Weaver, the Sling Bag is part of Eastern Beacon Industries’ active shooter protection line of Lodestar Rapid Action Packs. Weaver, a recent retiree from the Los Angeles Police Department, has 27 years of law enforcement experience.

Designed for the law enforcement officer, the Sling Bag is very plain and sleek in appearance. “The typical tactical bag on the market is loaded with buckles and webbing and screams for attention. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself during an armed encounter or mass shooting,” says Weaver. The Sling Bag allows the officer to carry a sub machine gun or full size pistol discreetly. But more importantly it provides the officer with ballistic protection from rifles, handguns and edged weapons. The bag contains a lightweight ballistic plate made by American Blast Systems that weighs just 1.6 pounds.

The bag is carried on the back like a traditional sling bag and once a threat is encountered, the bag is quickly pulled to the front of the body. The plate inside the bag protects the center mass.

5. Camera series: Reliable in all environmental conditions
CINTEL’s new CAPTURE Series cameras are an improved, lower-profile, compact designed camera series for use in both mobile and fixed LPR applications. The cameras are designed to be easy to install and deploy by police officers. They are available with an industry leading range of focal lengths from 12 mm to 85 mm. Proprietary lens technology provides infinite depth of field and sun suppression for reliable use in all environmental conditions.
Alan Farash, CEO, has prior military, law enforcement and international security operations experience.

6. Light up the dark

When a former police officer found himself chasing a suspect into a dark, abandoned building, he realized he had lost his tactical advantage. He did not want to use his tactical flashlight to identify his position, yet found it impossible to navigate down a dark hallway without it, and so he later developed the Light Grenade. The U.S.-made Light Grenade is a tactical 360 degree light source that illuminates a 360 degree area. It eliminates the traditional flashlight tunnel vision and is portable, non-lethal and rugged enough to break through glass.

7. Share documents with ease 

Law enforcement agencies as well as prosecutor and district attorney offices are faced with an increasing demand for digital files and evidence. The Law Share File Sharing system created by Mike Coppola, an active chief of police for the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department in New Jersey, makes moving documents, evidence, videos and cases simple and fast.

“There has always been a need for agencies to share documents with each other and more so case management with the prosecuting attorneys that oversee them,” says Coppola. “Seeing the need with my own agency, I knew that something like this is exactly what others needed.” With Law Share, it is easy to share documents between agencies and prosecuting/district attorneys with just a click, upload documents from the field with included mobile apps, create download-only links you can share for public record and discovery requests.

8. A complete case management system
CrimeCenter Software was built from the need for a technologically more advanced way to manage cases. With real-time intelligence tools and trends analysis, CrimeCenter Software gives agencies better visibility into all aspects of incident, investigation, intelligence and evidence management.
On the front-end, the system simplifies and speeds report creation with an incremental smart document approach that present only the forms and fields you need and pre-fills any duplicate information. On the back-end, investigators, detectives and officers can automate much of what has traditionally required flipping through hundreds of pages of paper reports full of ancillary information.

9. Eliminate bulky traffic cones

In June of 2016, Joe Crotty, a 20 year police veteran in Jacksonville, Fla., wanted to eliminate the need for traditional heavy, bulky traffic cones, so he launched STAC Systems LLC and invented the STAC Stick. “The STAC Stick is a device designed to be what you need when you need it,” says Crotty. “It is one of the most versatile tools an officer can carry in their patrol for use every day.”
The STAC Stick is a tubular delineator which can be used like a traffic cone to protect or direct vehicle or pedestrian traffic. However, it can also be used as a sign holder, floodlight stand, a barricade, a visual barrier and much more. STAC Sticks fit compactly into the trunk of a patrol car and can be assembled without any tools.

10. Lightweight, compact collapsible stock 

Launched in March 2017, the UTG PRO Made in USA S4 Mil-SPEC 4 position Stock is a durable, lightweight and ultra compact collapsible stock purpose-built for patrol and short barreled rifles. Constructed from high strength impact resistant polymer, the S4 stock includes a reversible QD sling swivel housing, ergonomic rubberized butt pad, and an extended cheek rest that is removable for user preference.
In addition to its low profile and snag-free geometry being ideal for users wearing bulletproof vests and other plate carrier systems, the S4 stock weighs in at a lightweight 7.2 ounces making it one of the lightest stocks available in the marketplace. Built for heavy duty use with the tightest tolerance controls for the most secure fit and function, the UTG PRO S4 Stock is an exceptional advantage for every patrol rifle officer.

11. Personalize your badges

The new V.H. Blackinton & Co., Inc. remembrance badge was created in May 2017, in unison with the Methuen, Mass., PD. “Methuen PD wanted a badge that their officers could wear during the month of May, and at Police Week, in remembrance of the fallen,” says Sharyn Dunn, marketing manager. The badge is versatile and can be personalized to an agency’s needs. “We can use our Breast Cancer Pink or St. Patrick’s Day green as a background color. The lines across the badge can be customized as well.”

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