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  • July/August 2023
  • July/August 2023

    Point Blank Enterprises
    Guardian Series
    Body Armor Protection

    Guardian Series

    The Guardian Series from Point Blank Enterprises features a fully-integrated modular design that offer convenient customization, instant adaptability and a broad range of options...
    The Solis - for plainclothes or off-duty carry. That Glock 48MOS w/ a Streamlight TLR7-Sub attached. Paddle or belt mount. ALS retention system.

    SafariVault & Solis Holsters Review

    Safariland’s SafariVault and Solis holsters were put through their paces and neither disappointed.
    ID 7034441 © Mediaonela | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xxl 7034441

    Revamping Officer Recruiting Strategies

    Oct. 10, 2023
    Recruiting for police and law enforcement officers is changing. Are you caught up?
    Cellebrite has developed The Guardian, a digital evidence management system that is cloud based.
    Investigation Software

    Officer Labs: Cellebrite Guardian

    Oct. 5, 2023
    Cellebrite has developed Guardian, a digital evidence and workflow management system that is cloud based.

    More content from July/August 2023

    Photo: Robert Marvulli
    It looks like Lindsey is moving forward in the photo, but he is moving backward. This entails keeping the feet low to the ground while moving, in order to feel for tripping hazards.
    Specialized Training

    Law Enforcement Drills for Movement and Shooting

    Police and law enforcement officers generally don’t have the luxury of stopping, setting up a good shooting platform and delivering accurate fire.
    Slidell Police Department
    The Slidell Police Department recently added the TOUGHBOOK 55 laptop from Panasonic Connect to its solution lineup to meet officer and IT team needs.
    Notebooks & Laptops

    Reliable Devices: Managing Tech to Keep Officers Safe

    Sept. 13, 2023
    Updated technology helps IT teams better support police and law enforcement officers on the street.
    Chula Vista Police Department
    The Chula Vista Police Department was the first law enforcement agency in the country to successfully launch a Drone as First Responder (DFR) program.
    UAV / UAS

    Drones as First Responders

    Sept. 1, 2023
    Several law enforcement agencies have led the way in getting DFR off the ground with the help of Motorola Solutions' CAPE drone software.
    The Mavic 3 Pro is shown.
    UAV / UAS

    Compromised Air Space: Police Face Foreign-Made Drone Bans

    Sept. 1, 2023
    Florida is the ‘tip of the spear’ for cracking down on foreign-made law enforcement drones, and manufacturers talk about keeping access to lifesaving tools while addressing security...
    Leonardo Macedo /iStock / Getty Images Plus /Getty Images
    Getty Images 1219079949

    Driving Change: LE Programs Target 'Preventable Deaths'

    Aug. 31, 2023
    Officials are finding ways of creating training that can help prevent and mitigate potential risks for police and law enforcement officers on patrol.
    Illustration: Kermit Mulkins © Endeavor Business Media
    2308 Ofc Rinv P01

    How to Catch A Criminal: The Best Kept Secrets Are Mine

    This month, decades after getting away scot-free, a pair of killers find out loose lips can still sink ships.
    Officer Magazine

    IACP Company Profiles 2023

    Ahead of IACP 2023 in San Diego, California, Oct. 14-17, OFFICER Magazine shared profiles of some of the companies that will be in attendance on the expo floor at the annual event...
    Frank Borelli
    Springfield Armory 1911 .45ACP 8+1 top, Beretta 96FCM .40S&W 10+1 bottom. Does capacity matter as much as action? Single action only vs. double action/single action.

    Defining the ‘Full Size’ Duty Handgun

    What characteristics should a duty sidearm have? Retired Lt. Frank Borelli takes a look at the different factors that can make a firearm ideal as a "full-size duty handgun."
    Officer Q&a Podcast (5)
    Hiring & Promotion

    Command Q&A: Recruiting & Retention Challenges

    Aug. 21, 2023
    Branch County Sheriff John Pollack recently spoke to OFFICER Magazine about how finding new deputies has become harder and what his agency is doing to cope with the new normal...
    Officer Media Group, photographer Frank Borelli
    Rapid Force Duty Holster on Quick Disconnect System and shown with belt-to-leg extension.

    Officer Labs: Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster Review

    The Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster is put through rigorous testing... and it passes with shining colors.
    National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
    52927238168 Fb61d46d85 O
    Honoring the Fallen

    Mid-Year Report Shows Decline in LODDs

    Aug. 15, 2023
    The number of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in the first half of 2023 decreased by 66% compared to the same period last year.
    In Vehicle Storage Systems

    Setina Trans Max for Trucks

    July 7, 2023
    Trans Max by Setina is the ultimate single-prisoner transport and Interior cargo storage system for trucks. Designed for crew cab single-Prisoner transport and Interior cargo ...
    InVeris Training Solutions
    Training Simulators


    SRCE™ (See, Rehearse, Collectively Experience or "Source") from InVeris Training Solutions is a groundbreaking, augmented reality-based, untethered weapons training simulator....
    Action Target
    Moving Target Systems

    Moving Target Systems

    July 7, 2023
    Moving Target Systems from Action Target create dynamic, realistic tactical scenarios. Action Target has led innovation in the Moving Target Systems category. The targets can ...
    ASP Inc.
    Ultra Cuffs, Chain Training
    Specialized Training

    Ultra Cuffs, Chain Training

    July 7, 2023
    Training Restraints from ASP Inc. feature the exact same design, materials and construction as the standard Ultra Cuffs, but with a special lock set that disengages when subjected...
    Shirts & Pants

    Battle Rattle Field Shirt

    July 7, 2023
    The LAPG Men's Short Sleeve Battle Rattle Stretch Field Shirt is the whole package. We took customer feedback and created this comfortable, breathable, tough, and professional...

    HIROSE Quick Disconnect System

    July 7, 2023
    Experience the efficiency and convenience of N-ear's HIROSE Quick Disconnect System. Upgrade your communication experience today and streamline your operations with this reliable...
    Magnet Forensics Inc.
    Magnet AXIOM
    Digital Forensics

    Magnet AXIOM: Recover and Analyze Digital Evidence in One Case File

    Magnet AXIOM is a digital forensics platform that allows investigators to recover, analyze and report on digital evidence from multiple sources such as mobile phones, computers...
    Point Blank Enterprises
    Origin System by PARACLETE
    Body Armor Protection

    Origin System by PARACLETE

    The Origin System by PARACLETE from Point Blank Enterprises builds upon the developing needs of military and law enforcement service members. It applies technology in new innovative...
    FaSTR DNA Forensic Software
    DNA Technologies

    FaSTR DNA Forensic Software

    July 3, 2023
    FaSTR DNA from STRmix is an expert forensic software that rapidly analyzes DNA profiles and can assign a Number of Contributors (NoC) estimate..FaSTR DNA expedites the analysis...
    Investigation Software

    CopLogic Solutions Suite

    LexisNexis® Coplogic™ Solutions Suite helps agencies harness the power of crash and citation data visualizations to advance their data sophistication level and save more lives...


    June 28, 2023
    911inform is the only notification and security management platform that bridges the gap between first responders and your organization. 911inform provides full situational awareness...
    Bf Goodrich Elite Force Ta
    Vehicles & Equipment

    BFGoodrich Elite-Force T/A Pursuit

    The BFGoodrich Elite-Force T/A Pursuit tire is a purpose-built, all-season pursuit tire that answers the unique demands of law enforcement, which requires grueling performance...
    ACE® Tactical from Shoes For Crews, LLC
    Defender Mid – Soft Toe Boots

    Defender Mid – Soft Toe Boots

    Defender Mid – Soft Toe boots by ACE Tactical Footwear from Shoes For Crews are engineered to meet the demands of all your daily maneuvers. The boots feature proprietary GLADIATOR...

    The Best Earpiece in Law Enforcement

    May 22, 2023
    N-ear is a true solutions-based technology company that is dedicated to meeting the needs of its users.
    Launchers & Shotguns

    PepperBall TRP

    May 4, 2023
    The Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) from PepperBallis a low profile and lightweight non-lethal launcher, offering the ability to carry a multi-shot, less lethal product on a belt...
    LPR (License Plate Recognition)

    ELSAG Street Sentry

    March 3, 2023
    Leonardo's ELSAG Street Sentry is a fixed ALPR that economically aids law enforcement with real-time vehicle interdiction and investigations.It is an autonomous system meaning...
    Firearm & Ammo Storage

    Pelican 1755 Air Long Case

    March 1, 2023
    The Pelican Air Case 1755 is the longest Air case at 55” in length. With built in wheels and less weight than other polymer cases, the Pelican Air Case 1755 keeps you rolling ...
    Gosafe Mag Right Key Detached
    Gun Locks Safety Devices

    GOSAFE Mobile Mag

    Feb. 28, 2023
    GOSAFE Mobile Mag provides loadable and lockable mobile security. With a fully-functioning magazine, the convenient safe combines mobility and complete security with fast access...