July/August 2020

FaSTR DNA Forensic Software
DNA Technologies

FaSTR DNA Forensic Software

July 3, 2023
FaSTR DNA from STRmix is an expert forensic software that rapidly analyzes DNA profiles and can assign a Number of Contributors (NoC) estimate..FaSTR DNA expedites the analysis...
FoxFury Lighting Solutions
The T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device)
Visual / Audio Restraint

The T.E.D.D. Flashbang Alternative

Distributed by FoxFury Lighting Solutions, the T.E.D.D. is a flashbang alternative that is ideal for police trainings, riot, SWAT, and corrections. It emits a 2,600 lumen light...
L.A. Police Gear
Shirts & Pants

Product Review: L.A. Police Gear's Terrain Flex Jeans

A law enforcement officer's review of the L.A. Police Gear Terrain Flex Jeans
Glock Inc.
The GLOCK 48

Ultimate Concealed Carry Guns?

A closer look at the G43X and G48. Size, capacity, caliber and comfort—just a few of the things that impact the decision on which off-duty gun you prefer.
Officer Media Group, Photograph by Jonathan Kozlowski
Img 4880

Survey Report: On & Off-Duty Ammo Preferences

When given options as to caliber, manufacturer and type, what ammo reigns supreme in the law enforcement industry today? Our readers - 561 of them - gave us an answer.

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Gadgets & the Connected Officer

July 10, 2020
The connected officer is here and it is real, but it requires a good bit of strategic thinking and thoughtful planning.
Securus Technologies
ICER, a program from Securus Technologies, detects inmate- to-inmate calls whether they’re the same facility or not.

Prosecution Support

July 10, 2020
How the Carter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center continues investigations in their correctional setting with the Guarded Exchange service from Securus Technologies
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Spotlight On: Verizon

July 10, 2020
As one of the largest providers of public safety communications, Verizon pushes its technological limits to ensure their network works when law enforcement needs it.
U.S. Cellular
A deployed U.S. Cellular 'Cell On Light Truck'.

Spotlight On: U.S. Cellular

July 10, 2020
A Q&A with Jim Anetsberger, Vice President of Sales for the business channel at U.S. Cellular
FirstNet Program at AT&T
Officer using FirstNet on smartphone device

Spotlight On: FirstNet Built with AT&T

July 10, 2020
Scott Agnew, AT&T Assistant Vice President for FirstNet Products, walks us through the partnership between AT&T and FirstNet
The First Responder Network Authority
Talbot County’s (Maryland) first responders received a boost in their wireless communications with the addition of a purpose-built cell site. Photo taken on August 27, 2019.

Spotlight On: The First Responder Network Authority

July 10, 2020
The First Responder Network Authority is an organization established by congress that oversees the implementation of the FirstNet communications network.
221b Tactical
The Hondo Police Patrol Bag Open
Gear Equipment Storage

The Hondo Police Patrol Bag

June 29, 2020
The Hondo Police Patrol Bag is like no other patrol bag. With unlimited Smart Storage and organization systems as well as a modular expansion system, this will be the best and...
Panasonic® i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America
The i-PRO IDguard automated identity redaction solution was designed to save time and improve video editing accuracy for law enforcement agencies.
Evidence & Forensic Software

IDguard - An Identity Redaction Solution

June 19, 2020
i-Pro's IDguard is an identity redaction solution that reduces up to 90% of the manual effort associated with editing video files of sensitive content.With the growing volume ...
Grey Man Tactical
Rmp Series Gray Man Tactial
In Vehicle Storage Systems

The RMP Series (Rigid MOLLE Panel)

June 19, 2020
Each RMP Series (Rigid MOLLE Panel) is built from a durable, sag-resistant High Density Polyethylene, giving it the durability needed to withstand everyday use. Grey Man Tactical...
Digital Ally Inc.
First Vu Hd Camera
Body Cameras

Digital Ally Body Camera Subscription Program

June 16, 2020
Digital Ally's body camera subscription program as a response to high demand for video evidence technology for police and other first responder personnel. The program features...
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Software such as ScheduleAnywhere saves law enforcement agencies significant time and money.
Expert Insights

Five Reasons You Should Put Officer Scheduling Software in Your Budget Plan

June 15, 2020
The right scheduling software tools save law enforcement agencies significant time and money
Elistair Inc. USA
Elistair Safe T 2 Ready For Integration

The Safe-T 2 Tethered Drone Station

June 12, 2020
Elistair's Safe-T 2 advanced and powerful tethering system was designed for use with commercially available drones. The Safe-T 2 provides users with unmatched power efficiency...
Elbeco Inc.
Comfort Polo Social Image
Shirts & Pants

The Ufx Comfort Polo Series

June 9, 2020
Elbeco's Ufx Comfort Polo Series features exceptional comfort and breathability of cotton, the performance and color retention of polyester, and the stretch of Spandex.
The Proximity Identification feature of the BriefCam Video Content Analytics Platform v5.6.1
Video Cameras

Video Content Analytics Platform v5.6.1 - Featuring Contact Tracing, Physical Distancing, Occupancy Management and Face Mask Detection

June 4, 2020
With the release of v5.6.1 of BriefCam's innovative and extensible video content analytics platform come new capabilities aimed at helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support...
B360 Rugged Application 2
Notebooks & Laptops

The B360 Fully Rugged Notebook

June 3, 2020
Getac Technology Corporation's B360 fully rugged notebook is a direct answer to those who contend that full ruggedization and ultra-power portable computing cannot co-exist in...
ZOLL Medical Corporation
The next generation AED enhances ZOLL's portfolio of top-of-the-line defibrillators by continuing to deliver real-time CPR feedback and providing even better support for public access and professional customers.
AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)

The ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator - Enhanced with Real CPR Help, Integrated Child Rescue, & Wireless Connectivity

ZOLL AED 3 continues ZOLL's tradition of providing best-in-class AEDs to help improve outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by removing the guesswork for bystanders and giving...
PlanIt Schedule | Produced and Distributed by Ragnasoft Inc.
Opening Image
Administrative Software

How Lancaster City PD Found a Solution for Managing Personnel Schedules

June 1, 2020
Law enforcement agencies make tough decisions every day as they protect and serve their communities. Agencies must educate and train officers, manage ever-tighter budgets and ...
Honeywell Howard Leight
The Howard Leight Impact Sport Honor electronic earmuff collection feature Smoke (at left), One Nation (center), and Real Blue (at right).
Ear Protection

The Impact Sport Honor Collection Electronic Earmuffs - A Tribute to Those Who Serve

Consisting of three inspiring new colorways – Real Blue, One Nation, and Smoke – the Howard Leight Impact Sport Honor Collection pays homage to such heroes and is sure to be appreciated...
Triple K Manufacturing Co.
Compact Expandable Baton Esp Hi Rez

Ultra Compact Expandable Baton, Made by Euro Security Products

The Ultra Compact Expandable Baton available through Triple K Mfg. Co., allows for discreet concealed carry. Features significantly reduced dimensions and an optional removable...
Hormann High Performance Doors
Airport Fire Dept Web2
Access Control

The Speed-Guardian 5000 Door

Features of the Speed-Guardian Door by Hormann High Performance Doors:Fast opening speed up to 80 IPS: Exit the building fast and efficiently. Light curtain protection: Full-width...
Susteen Inc.
Thumbnail May Article Opening Image
Digital Forensics

The 4 Most Important Pieces of Mobile Device Data to Collect On-Scene

May 19, 2020
As more investigations involve mobile device data, new field triage device tools like the DATAPILOT 10 are helping first responders acquire important pieces of data immediately...
Viking Electronics
25 Ae 70 V
Public Address Systems

The 25AE-70V Paging Horn

The 25AE-70V paging horn for 70-Volt and 25-Volt paging systems distributes sound evenly, accurately, and affordably. Viking’s 25AE-70V paging horn is designed to broadcast paging...
XS Sights
Xs Xti2 Orange Ar 0008 1 N Pr

The XTI2 DXS Ember Standard Dot 45-Degree Offset Iron Sights for AR-15 Rifles

May 13, 2020
XS Sights' XTI2 DXS Ember Standard Dot 45-Degree Offset Iron Sights for AR-15 rifles are a close-quarters, secondary sighting solution for rapid transition from a magnified primary...
Executive Defense International | EDI-USA
Edi Usa Crowd Control Riot Suit
Expert Insights

Crowd Control! Who to Call?

May 11, 2020
What if law enforcement could make one call to be fully stocked and ready with crowd control equipment and riot gear within a few days?
Federal Signal
The 24 Volt Allegiant Light Bar
Lightbars & Lights

The Allegiant Light Bar, Now Available in a 24-Volt Option

May 8, 2020
Federal Signal’s Allegiant™ light bar is now available in a 24-Volt option. Standing a mere 2-inches tall, the Allegiant light bar is a value-priced, dual-color warning solution...
Le Design Award Logo2020
Architects Designers

Nominations Being Accepted for 2020 Law Enforcement Design Awards

The Law Enforcement Design Awards showcases new architectural designs of law enforcement stations and training facilities that represent the very best innovations in security ...
Choice Wireless Ptt
Headsets & Earpieces

Choice Wireless PTT Bluetooth LE 4.0

April 28, 2020
The Choice PTT/Mic also has the ability to use a second PTT that is a Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Sold Separately). This is perfect for using the Wireless PTT on a steering wheel,...