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Invisio Grant Writing Partnership
Financial, Insurance & Grant Services

INVISIO Contribute to the Public Safety Market by offering Grant Assistance Service

INVISIO, the leader in tactical communications & hearing protection for law enforcement & military units worldwide, is excited to announce our new partnership with Dynamic International...
The In-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection Inserts
Ear Protection

In-Ear Impulse Hearing Protection, and Range Kit

Along with the trusted engineers of TCI™ ‒ also a brand of The Safariland Group known for its high end tactical communications headset and accessories expertise ‒ Safariland now...
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Ear Protection

Hi-Threat Headset Tier 1 (HTH)

Jan. 7, 2017
The Hi-Threat Headset Tier 1 (HTH) is specifically designed to meet the demands and intensity of Tier 1 operators and special operations teams. For over a decade the HTH continues...
3M PELTOR ProTac III Headset - on a shooting range
Ear Protection

PELTOR Headsets - Hearing Protection

Workers that need to wear hearing protection on the job often have diverse safety and usability concerns. In law enforcement, it’s very important that hearing protection cut out...
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Ear Protection

Mack's Corded Soft Foam Ear Plugs 2 Pair

Superior Noise Reduction Unique hollow design maximizes comfort High Visibility Lime Green Color - Most visible color allows easy compliance checks. Easily found in hunting bags...
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Ear Protection

Mack's Shooters Double-Up Ear Muffs

Mack's Shooters Double-Up Ear Muffs provide 34 dB Noise Reduction Rating when earmuffs and earplugs are worn together. Lightweight design for all-day shooting comfort Low profile...