A Marriage of Comfort and Capability

July 10, 2020
A law enforcement officer's review of the L.A. Police Gear Terrain Flex Jeans
L.A. Police Gear’s Terrain Flex Jeans are an excellent alternative to a more tactical off duty or plain clothes appearance. At first glance they look like a regular pair of jeans, but once you’re wearing them it becomes clear they are carefully crafted to meet your needs. 

All members of law enforcement are familiar with the concept of “two is one, and one is none,” and L.A. Police Gear knows this as well. Both front pockets are deep and wide enough for just about any every-day-carry items you’ll have with you, but it’s the watch pockets which really shine. These watch pockets are modified from a normal design to accommodate extra magazines, but the possibilities don’t end there. Also a perfect place to tuck a badge or folding knife, these slender pockets allow you to keep your tools and other necessities handy without them getting tangled up in your keys and pocket change.

Similar to the front pocket design, the rear pockets are also highly versatile. The large back pockets offer plenty of room for your wallet, smartphone, and notepad, but much like the extra front pockets, there is more. Two hip pockets are set into the rear of the jeans opening slightly above the main pockets. They were designed to fit rifle magazines, but they will also nicely accommodate a pair of either hinged or chained cuffs, a collapsed baton, or even a tourniquet.

The last hidden pocket on these jeans isn’t a pocket at all, but a belt loop. The belt loop the rear center of the waistband is extra wide, not just for added support, but to accommodate a handcuff key. This belt loop opens just like a pocket but is small and inconspicuous enough it will almost certainly go unnoticed. This brings the grand total of pockets to nine, all without looking like BDU or cargo pants.


The Terrain Flex Jeans allow for tactical carry of everything you may need on or off the job, but the extra space isn’t just for gear. These jeans are made from 98% cotton, and 2% spandex, which creates a stretchable fabric that doesn’t look any different from the other jeans in your wardrobe. This means the Terrain Flex are perfect for inside the waistband holsters, and you won’t have to unbutton them after a large meal.

The Terrain Flex Jeans are available in both slim fit and straight fit, with dark and medium wash colors to fit both your style and shapes. The Terrain Flex Jeans are casual, professional, and rugged all at once, with maximized comfort and versatility. Look good and be prepared. As the genesis of the uniform we wear today, it’s what Sir Robert Peel would have wanted.

About the Author

Officer Brendan Rodela, Contributing Editor | Officer

Brendan Rodela is a Deputy for the Lincoln County (NM) Sheriff's Office. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice and is a certified instructor with specialized training in Domestic Violence and Interactions with Persons with Mental Impairments.

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