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Michigan State Police
The new look for the roof emergency lights on Michigan State Police's Chevrolet Tahoe PPV fleet.
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Michigan State Police Tweak Look to 'Iconic Bubble' Roof Lights

Aug. 15, 2023
New emergency lights will start adorning the Michigan State Police's Chevrolet Tahoe PPV fleet over the next few weeks as a way to help increase visibility for additional officer...
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Lightbars & Lights

Introducing bluePRINT Sync

Jan. 1, 2021
bluePRINT Sync, from SoundOff Signal, is an add-on component for the bluePRINT 3 System. It provides true warning system coordination between vehicles. Sync-equipped emergency...
Whelen Engineering Company Inc.
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Whelen Inner Edge FST

The Inner Edge FST by the Whelen Engineering Company Inc., is a low-profile lightbar that is mounted to the front visor of the vehicle, better utilizing vehicle contours, providing...
Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.
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Whelen Liberty II

The Liberty II by the Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. is redesigned and reinvented to build on the Liberty's reputation for excellent reliability and performance.Features:Plug...
NYPD traffic agent attacked.

NYPD Traffic Agent Attacked by Motorist

Dec. 3, 2020
An NYPD traffic agent was attacked by an unhinged motorist as she made her rounds through Hell’s Kitchen Wednesday morning, officials said.
Golight Inc.
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The Golight GT Series Remote Controlled Searchlight

Sept. 17, 2020
At 544,000 candela, each Golight GT Series Remote Controlled Searchlight lamp is 33 percent more powerful than before and 55 percent more intense.