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Steven Forgues
A shelf full of books is never bad!
Personal Alarm Equipment

Books for Canine Training & Information

June 21, 2012
Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing like being out on the training grounds with your canine and going through various obstacle courses, sniffing out drugs and getting the bite...
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Concussions: More Than a Smack Upside the Head

June 21, 2012
Although the recent news flurries about concussions have centered around the NFL after the suicide of Junior Seau on May 2nd, the vast majority of concussion victims are ordinary...
Max Schulte
Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW shown mounted and open.
Personal Alarm Equipment

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW Review

June 11, 2012
US law enforcement has taken note and you are beginning to see more and more IFAK’s. For the most part you’ll see them being worn by tactical teams or other high risk units but...
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Point Blank Armor @ SHOT Show 2012

March 13, 2012
Point Blank and PACA are both well known names in the law enforcement and military industries. At SHOT Show they shared some of their new products.
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Police Unions & Officer Survival

March 1, 2012
More and more police labor unions are taking the lead in protecting their members' safety as they battle the politicians who would compromise it.