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  • May/June 2023
  • May/June 2023

    Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP)
    Enhanced Red Guns
    Training Equipment

    ASP Enhanced Red Guns

    May 16, 2024
    Enhanced Red Guns from ASP Inc. is the latest generation of the company’s iconic line of safe replica training weapons. The new Enhanced variants feature removable ...

    S-TAC 1-6X24 AR1

    April 29, 2024
    The S-TAC 1-6x24 from Sightron utilizes the new AR1 reticle, making it great for fast target acquisition and mid-range shooting situations. The illuminated Halo helps...
    Img 8066
    Special Purpose Vehicles

    The Rook Armored Critical Incident Vehicle

    March 18, 2024
    The Rook Vehicle is custom designed and fabricated by Ring Power. Utilizing the powerful Cat® Compact Track Loader chassis with 98 gross HP engine, 14,030-pound operating weight...

    M.S. in Law Enforcement & Public Safety Leadership

    The M.S. in Law Enforcement & Public Safety Leadership from the University of San Diego is designed and taught by experienced criminal justice and military leaders to help develop...
    Training Equipment

    TacTec Trainer Weight Vest

    March 18, 2024
    The TacTec Trainer Weight Vest from 5.11 is an innovative fitness accessory designed to help you push your limits and unleash your inner savage. Made from durable 600D polyester...

    More content from May/June 2023

    Point Blank Enterprises
    Guardian Series
    Body Armor Protection

    Guardian Series

    The Guardian Series from Point Blank Enterprises features a fully-integrated modular design that offer convenient customization, instant adaptability and a broad range of options...
    Point Blank Enterprises
    The Vanguard
    Ballistic Shields

    Vanguard Level III

    The Vanguard from Point Blank Enterprises provides level III rifle threat protection and is available in three shapes. A wide rectangular shaped viewport provides excellent viewing...
    Officer Q&a Podcast
    Station Design

    Command Q&A: Station Design in the New Millennium

    Dec. 12, 2023
    Village of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Police Chief Phillip Norton spoke to OFFICER Magazine about what law enforcement agencies need to keep in mind during the planning and construction...
    Officer Media Group, photographer Frank Borelli
    43 Cal Jars

    Officer Labs: T4E Training Weapons

    Officer Review Labs report on the T4E marker training weapons. Find out how the field test and evaluation of the training platforms turned out.
    T4 Emarkers
    Training Equipment

    T4E Training Markers

    Sept. 8, 2023
    T4E Training Markers feature .43, .50, and .68 caliber Paint, Rubber, and Dust projectiles in a variety of product count sizes. T4E (Training 4 Engagement) are specifically designed...
    Boston Dynamics
    Spot for Public Safety
    Robotic Equipment

    The Future of Law Enforcement: How Police are Embracing Robots

    Sept. 1, 2023
    Robots are slowly finding their place in police departments. What’s leading the revolution?
    Point Blank Enterprises
    Origin System by PARACLETE
    Body Armor Protection

    Origin System by PARACLETE

    The Origin System by PARACLETE from Point Blank Enterprises builds upon the developing needs of military and law enforcement service members. It applies technology in new innovative...
    DNY59 / E+ / Getty Images
    2306 Ofc Rcomand Hq P02
    Hiring & Promotion

    Preparing for the Next Level

    July 4, 2023
    The best time to prepare for the next job is now. Find out some of the best things you can do to land that future police or law enforcement position.
    Photo Karren Bertomen
    Dry fire with a snubnose revolver should be a regular drill for those who use them. Begin by insuring there are no live rounds in the training area. Load Snap Caps in a speedloader, and in the gun. Lindsey uses 5 Star Firearms or Lyman speedloaders.
    Training Equipment

    Training With Snap Caps

    Otis Snap Caps are inert bullets that shooters use in their guns to do certain tasks that require cartridges, and these drills are good ways to train with them.
    Port of San Diego
    The Port of San Diego Harbor Police patrols 38 miles of coastline along the port and San Diego Bay.
    Watercraft & Accessories

    Covering Land, Sea & Airport: How Calif. PD Patrols Its Unique Area

    June 29, 2023
    From land patrols, firefighting on boats and serving the airport, the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department provides a rare experience for its officers.
    Image: D-Keine / E+ / Getty Images Illustration: Kermit Mulkins © Endeavor Business Media
    2306 Ofcr Investigations P01

    How to Catch A Criminal: False Confession

    The disturbing and complicated case of Chicago's "Lipstick Killer" involved murders, confessions and convictions—hopefully of the right person.
    Concerns of Police Survivors
    Patricia Carruth, National President of Concerns of Police Survivors, on the left, is seen during her speech at the 35th Annual Candlelight on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on May 13.
    Honoring the Fallen

    Grieving With Some Help

    June 26, 2023
    Find out how Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) has helped the families of fallen officers since 1984.
    Bet_Noire / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
    2306 Ofcr Tactical P01
    Active Shooter

    Evolving Active Shooter Response

    As the number of people legally carrying handguns increases nationwide, we should train to ensure we know how to identify armed "good guys" and don't treat them like bad guys....
    ID 45224423 © Jpldesigns | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xxl 45224423 (1)

    Old Riot Gear Can Be Dangerous

    Riot Control equipment, like all else in law enforcement, needs to be updated on a regular basis; not simply after it's failed.
    University of San Diego
    Matthew Richmond Promotion

    Officer Labs: University of San Diego Law Enforcement Leadership Master’s Program

    The Officer Media Group editorial team reviewed the University of San Diego Master's Program and found it a perfect example of contemporary thought leadership.
    V 100 Short Throw Jeff In Sim Brick Throwing
    Training Simulators

    V-100 Simulator

    May 20, 2023
    The V-100 from VirTra is a law enforcement judgmental use of force simulator that provides agencies with a superior, realistic one screen simulation training environment. This...
    Rf Lvl2

    Rapid Force Duty Holster

    May 18, 2023
    The Rapid Force Duty Holster from Alien Gear Holsters is designed and engineered with valuable input from law enforcement and military professionals. Featuring secure Level 2 ...
    Evidence & Forensic Software

    Cellebrite Guardian

    May 16, 2023
    Cellebrite Guardian is a simple, secure and scalable cloud-based solution for evidence management, sharing and review that enables you to manage your evidence and investigative...
    3 Mpeltor
    Headsets & Earpieces

    3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS)

    The 3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS) is 3M’s newest generation of tactical communication and hearing protection, developed to help operators effectively communicate...
    Defense S[14277]
    Ballistic Shields

    Swift Shield NIJ Level III

    May 16, 2023
    AEGIX Global has introduced a new NIJ Level III version of the award-winning, origami expandable Swift Shield for local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies. The...
    Body Armor Protection


    May 16, 2023
    Verco Materials UrbanShieldMH ballistic vests originated as a spin-off of high-performance boron carbide technology developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After a number...
    Body Armor Protection

    ICE Retro Fit Kit

    May 16, 2023
    The ICE Retro Fit Kit panels from BODY ARMOR VENT feature patent-pending evaporation and ventilation EVAP Technology. Increase the surface area exposed to evaporative airflow....
    Kev 23 11784378 Mesh Pr 1280x960 1
    Ballistic Fiber

    Kevlar EXO

    May 16, 2023
    Kevlar® EXO™ from Dupont is the most significant aramid fiber innovation in over 50 years and an entirely new technology platform developed to serve endless applications where...
    InVeris Training Solutions
    Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT™)
    Training Equipment

    SHOTT House

    The InVeris Training Solutions Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT™) offers much more than a typical shoot house. You’ll discover an integrated tactical training...
    Equipment Mounts & Consoles

    Gamber-Johnson Universal Console

    May 15, 2023
    Introducing Gamber-Johnson’s newest universal console solution. Available now, the new wide body console comes standard with a locking storage pocket, versatile mounting options...
    Black Hills Ammunitio6mm Arc

    6mm ARC 103 Grain ELD-X

    The Black Hills 6mm ARC pushes a 103 grain Hornady ELD-X® at 2600 fps from an 18” barrel. Due to the higher ballistic coefficient and weight of the 6mm ARC projectile, it beats...


    The SafariVault is the strongest holster body Safariland has ever built. Its increased structural integrity withstands higher forces and impacts from any direction. SafariVault...
    Bicycles & Accessories

    Police Bike Rack From Setina

    May 9, 2023
    Setina’s Police Bike Rack is the latest design in push bumper mounted bike transport. The unique folding design allows for quick easy mounting, Easy removal and storage and is...