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Active Shooter Podcast: Carrying the Right Gear to Save Lives

Nov. 28, 2023
From helmets and body armor to trauma care, the final episode of our six-part series talks about essential gear and equipment for active shooter incidents.
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Active Shooter

Navistar International Corp. Factory Attack

Dec. 22, 2020
Fired six years earlier; convicted of theft from the company; divorced, and reporting for a federal prison term the very next day: it should have been no surprise when this perpetrator...
Frank Borelli
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The FN 15 SRP G2 on the Range

Over all, our instructor cadre commented very favorably on the rifle. Accuracy, reliability and comfort of shooting were all positive points.
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AMKO Trading Store Attack

Dec. 8, 2020
More often than we'd like to admit, active shooters kill in more than one location during a "single" event.
Michael Fryer/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Parents leave Hubbard Woods Elementary School with their children after Laurie Dann shot six children, killing one, in the school on May 20, 1988, in Winnetka, Ill.
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Hubbard Woods Elementary Attack Pt 2

Dec. 6, 2020
Part 2 of our analysis of the attacks committed by Laurie Dann in Winnetka, Illinois at two separate schools and two separate residences.
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Active Shooter

The Wakefield “Massacre” Attack

Nov. 17, 2020
What happens when St. Michael sends a man back in time to kill Hitler and prevent the Holocaust? We'll never know, but that's what this perpetrator's defense was.