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  • January/February 2023
  • January/February 2023

    Point Blank Enterprises
    The Vanguard
    Ballistic Shields

    Vanguard Level III

    The Vanguard from Point Blank Enterprises provides level III rifle threat protection and is available in three shapes. A wide rectangular shaped viewport provides excellent viewing...
    ID 142006466 © Vladimirs Poplavskis | Dreamstime.com
    Body Armor & Accessories

    The Blurring of Body Armor vs Tactical Wear

    A look at how body armor carriers have evolved to be more comfortable and healthier for the officers working 10-plus hour shifts.
    ID 1019167408 © phojaip | gettyimages.com
    2302 Ofcr Train Feat
    Specialized Training

    Learning the Hard Way: Keeping Use-of-Force Training Safe

    Sept. 14, 2023
    Tragedy struck three law enforcement training exercises late last year. Instructors discuss the lengths they go to for safety and how accidents can be prevented.

    TA30 One-Step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

    Aug. 30, 2023
    The NEXTORCH TA30 Tactical flashlight features the NEX patented one-step strobe tactical tail cap switch, rotational magnetic switch around the tail cap for easy one-handed mode...
    Point Blank Enterprises
    Origin System by PARACLETE
    Body Armor Protection

    Origin System by PARACLETE

    The Origin System by PARACLETE from Point Blank Enterprises builds upon the developing needs of military and law enforcement service members. It applies technology in new innovative...

    More content from January/February 2023

    Security & Surveillance

    AXIS Q60 PTZ Camera Series

    June 28, 2023
    AXIS Q60 Series from AXIS Communications is designed for the most demanding video surveillance applications. It includes outdoor and indoor models with outstanding video performance...
    Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector
    Investigation Software

    Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector

    May 16, 2023
    Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector allows investigators to access endpoints safely and securely anytime, anywhere. Remote work is here to stay, and no matter where employee endpoints...
    Photo: Robert Marvulli
    The Glock 29SF isn't much different in operation from a Glock 19, except the bullets are like freight trains, compared to 9mm. The 10mm proved to be an accurate round, and particularly flat shooting.

    Glock 29SF Review: Gun to Have Against a Charging Target

    Despite the power of the 10mm cartridge, the Glock 29SF was easy to handle, comfortable to shoot and delivered accurate fire.
    Genetec Inc.
    AutoVu Cloudrunner mounted with solar panel
    LPR (License Plate Recognition)

    Keeping an Eye on Traffic with Automatic License Plate Readers

    March 6, 2023
    Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) can do much more than just capture numbers and letters on a plate.
    ID 110205405 © Welcomia | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xxl 110205405 (1)
    E Citation

    A Data-Driven Approach to Traffic Safety

    March 2, 2023
    Online cloud-based crash reporting solutions allow for better data access and analytics.
    ID 216608487 © Jae Young Ju | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xxl 216608487
    Vehicles & Fleet

    Calling All Cars: Have Police Vehicle Supply Chain Issues Improved?

    March 1, 2023
    A global microchip shortage and supply chain issues caused delays on getting new vehicles to departments in 2022. Will 2023 be any better?
    The Radarsign TC-400 is seen.
    Traffic Control Equipment

    A Small Solution to a Big Problem

    Feb. 28, 2023
    Radar speed signs can help slow down traffic without taking up valuable manpower.
    BlueRidge Armor
    Ballistic Shields

    The Right Shield for the Job

    Feb. 27, 2023
    Manufacturers have worked to create single-handed ballistic shields that can be used during active shooter incidents.
    Illustration: Kermit Mulkins © Endeavor Business Media
    2302 Ofcr Investigations Feat

    How to Catch A Criminal: A Messy Separation Part I

    This month, how a wife's scheme tears her marriage apart, literally.
    ID 1157201756 © akinbostanci | gettyimages.com
    2302 Ofc Rchq Feat

    The Absurdities of the Job: Managing New Recruits' Expectations

    Feb. 21, 2023
    New recruits to law enforcement agencies can come with unrealistic expectations, and it's up to departments to prepare them for the realities of the job ahead of them.
    National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
    52101830599 76aed1b4d3 O
    Honoring the Fallen

    2022 LODD Report

    Feb. 17, 2023
    Despite a 61% decrease in overall line-of-duty-deaths, the trend of higher-than-average firearms fatalities continued.
    ID 1226813830 © z1b | gettyimages.com

    Traffic Safety and Enforcement Special Section

    OFFICER Magazine presents the Traffic Safety and Enforcement Special Section as part of the January/February 2023 issue.
    KIMTEK Corporation
    Vehicles & Equipment

    LEOLITE Transport

    Jan. 23, 2023
    The LEOLITE Transport LEO-501 from the KIMTEK Corporation is designed to carry two officers on two seats with seat belts. The two seats are easily and quickly locked in and out...
    Magnet Forensics Inc.
    Magnet OUTRIDER
    Digital Forensics

    Magnet OUTRIDER

    Dec. 13, 2022
    Magnet OUTRIDER is a triage tool that enables officers and digital forensics professionals to rapidly scan computers and storage devices on-scene and in the lab to determine whether...
    Armament Systems and Procedures
    As Ptraining
    Specialized Training

    ASP Integrated Training

    Dec. 13, 2022
    ASP Integrated Training (Tactical Baton, Restraint and Performance Flashlight) puts no principle above simplicity. Techniques are simple to learn, easy to understand, effortless...
    ShotSpotter Investigate
    Case Management Software

    ShotSpotter Investigate

    ShotSpotter Investigate is a leading case management solution that helps law enforcement agencies achieve higher clearance rates, especially for violent crimes. The cloud-based...
    Dell Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet Vehicle Docking Station
    Equipment Mounts & Consoles

    Dell Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet Vehicle Docking Station

    Dec. 13, 2022
    Gamber-Johnson's new Dell Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet Vehicle Docking Station has a compact and lockable design allows for security and flexibility for various mobile ...
    Code 3 Inc.
    Lightbars & Lights

    MR24 Quad-Color Directional LED

    Dec. 13, 2022
    The MR24, Code 3's latest directional warning light delivers exceptional straight-on and off-angle performance with its linear optics technology. The quad-color directional LED...
    Smart Firearms
    Smart Firearms Taser Training Pro
    Training Equipment

    Smart Firearms Taser Training Pro

    Dec. 13, 2022
    The Smart Firearms Taser Training Pro replicates the major functional features of the Taser X2 including both functional red aiming lasers as well as the trigger, safety selector...
    Home Wav Video Call
    Inmate Communications


    Dec. 12, 2022
    HomeWav offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective inmate communication platform that allows those who are incarcerated to chat with family and friends—without the hassle of traveling...
    Portable DART firearm training simulator projector
    Training Simulators

    DART Firearm Training Simulators

    DART firearm training simulators from Digimation are both highly portable and versatile. The DART system, at just six inches wide by four inches tall by five inches deep, is the...
    AARDVARK Tactical
    Sky-Hero LOKI Mk2US
    UAV / UAS

    LOKI Mk2US

    Dec. 12, 2022
    The Sky-Hero LOKI Mk2US from AARDVARK Tactical is the world's first National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant interior use tactical sUAS, The Mk2US is built to comply...
    Security & Surveillance

    Mobile Surveillance Units

    Dec. 7, 2022
    As the building blocks for solid security, ECAMSECURE’s Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) can be mixed and matched with other MSUs, your established security system, and with your...
    Awards & Gifts

    Custom Metal Coins

    Dec. 5, 2022
    GS-JJ Custom Metal Coins are processed with soft enamel and a two-tone finish process. The big feature of these police coins is the dual plating concept, antique silver coupled...
    Wearin Connected Human
    Biometrics Software


    Dec. 5, 2022
    Wearin’ is an intelligent IoT platform that generates real-time insights by capturing in-mission data from connected sensors and devices. With automatic alerts and a digital platform...

    T8 Extreme 200G Thinsulate

    Sept. 27, 2022
    The T8 Extreme 200G Thinsulate boots from Garmont Tactical are designed to meet current U.S. Army and Air Force standards, this version of our Extreme features a 200g 3M Thinsulate...