September 2020

FoxFury Lighting Solutions
The T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device)
Visual / Audio Restraint

The T.E.D.D. Flashbang Alternative

Distributed by FoxFury Lighting Solutions, the T.E.D.D. is a flashbang alternative that is ideal for police trainings, riot, SWAT, and corrections. It emits a 2,600 lumen light...
Police Bike Store
VisiGo Wearable and Mountable LED Light by C3Sports
Bicycles & Accessories

VisiGo Wearable and Mountable LED Light by C3Sports

June 15, 2021
The C3Sports VisiGo light from the Police Bike Store is a USB rechargeable light that features a unique design with a clip mount on the back that can attach to clothing, belts...
US Cellular
20 Usc 0318 Article 1400x1050

Mission Critical: How to Overcome Four Law Enforcement Communication Concerns

Dec. 17, 2020
Do you share these communication concerns with other law enforcement agencies?
Officer Media Group | Photo by Lt. Frank Borelli (ret)
The SOG-TAC XR is a functional, basic folding lock blade knife of reasonable size for convenient carry.
Officer Media Group | Photo by Lt. Frank Borelli (ret)
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Mounted Lights

Editor’s Review: The Streamlight TLR-6 Light

Small, bright and robust enough to withstand the abuse from a G43. The Streamlight TLR-6 is a good value.

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Firearm Accessories

Practical Weapon Accessories & Modifications

It's easy to modify your weapon but knowing which modifications and accessories are of value and which are more for show makes all the difference.
5.11 Inc.
511 Amp10 3
Gear Equipment Storage

5.11 Tactical in the Wilderness

Reviewing the 5.11 AMP Series. Leave the main body of the pack stocked “as usual” but then switch out the gear sets or pouches as necessary to conform as your mission changes....
Img 0776

The G43X and G48 are now Optic-Ready, Available with Modular Optic System Configuration

Aug. 24, 2020
GLOCK, Inc.'s Slimline GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 are now available in the Modular Optic System (MOS) configuration. These slim 9X19 pistol models feature a micro-optic-ready factory...
Rapid Assault Tools
Picture 1
Entry Equipment

The HRP-BAT - A Battery-powered Hydraulic Breaching Kit

Aug. 18, 2020
In today’s dynamic tactical environment, stealth and speed are of the uttermost importance. To give operators the edge they need in fortified structures, Rapid Assault Tools has...
Susteen Inc.
Susteen August Article Opening Image 5f35aae588096
Digital Forensics

Best Practices for Collecting Mobile Data in the Field

Aug. 18, 2020
Every day more and more investigations involve mobile devices. Collecting and reviewing data from these devices in the field equips investigators with the information they need...
Go Tenna Pro Tether Cable Kit Action
Computer Accessories

The Juggernaut Case goTenna Pro Tether Cable Kit

Aug. 14, 2020
goTenna has partnered with Juggernaut.Case, a specialty designer and developer of military-grade mobile accessories, to enhance off-grid connectivity for dismounted warfighters...
Pelican Products Inc.
Pelican 2315 Flashlight 01

The Pelican 2310 and 2315 Flashlights

Aug. 10, 2020
The Pelican 2310 Flashlight features an extreme spot beam with an output of up to 350 lumens and covers 134 meters of beam distance—you’ll see the entire worksite without straining...
Hanwha Techwin America
Wisenet7 1 V2 Press Release B

The Next Generation Wisenet 7 System on a Chip (SoC)

Hanwha Techwin America's next generation Wisenet 7 SoC (System on Chip) was built from 30 years of innovation in video surveillance solutions. The highly anticipated announcement...
Kustom Signals Inc.
3 4 Mg 4852 Ii
Traffic Surveillance

The ProLaser 4, with TrafficTrak Wireless Traffic Survey Application

July 30, 2020
Kustom Signals, Inc.'s ProLaser 4 now comes with TrafficTrak Wireless Traffic Survey application. TrafficTrak is an Android application that enables a user to quickly collect,...
viisights Inc.
“viisights unique solution can accurately detect and analyze the behavior of individuals and groups of people using deep learning and time-based vision analysis.” -Asaf Birenzvieg, Co-Founder and CEO of viisights
Surveillance Systems

Wise - A Video Surveillance Behavioral Recognition Solution

July 29, 2020
“viisights unique solution can accurately detect and analyze the behavior of individuals and groups of people using deep learning and time-based vision analysis,” said Asaf Birenzvieg...
Viking Electronics Inc.
E 1600 Compact Phones(group4)

Emergency Phones

The same strength and reliability and durability you’ve experienced with Viking’s standard ADA compliant emergency phones is now available in a compact chassis.When the button...
Jotto Desk
Web Gallery 425 0150 Store N Drive 01
Equipment Mounts & Consoles

The Mamba Mount - Keep Your Work Always in Striking Distance

July 20, 2020
Jotto Desk's Mamba Mount is one of the most deployable laptop mount on the market. With 5 points of adjustment, including a 110-degree rotating Motion Arm and 90-degrees adjustable...
The Earphone Connection Inc.
The Air Pro Wireless Ptt Combo Kit 1
Headsets & Earpieces

Use Your Consumer Earbuds with the Air Pro Wireless PTT Combo Kit

July 13, 2020
EPC’s Air Pro Wireless Motorola APX Combo Kit is now compatible with all your favorite TWS wireless earbuds like Apple Airpods, Beats by Dre and AfterShokz to name a few. Blend...
SIG Sauer Inc.
P320 Pistol Texas Ranger Limited Edition

P320 Full Size Pistol - Texas Ranger Limited Edition

July 10, 2020
SIG SAUER, Inc. announced a partnership with the Former Texas Ranger Foundation to release the exclusive Texas Ranger Edition P320 Pistol. A portion of the sales of the Texas ...
Streamlight Inc.
Stngr2020 Hi Res (002)

The Stinger 2020 Duty-Ready Flashlight

July 9, 2020
Streamlight, Inc.'s rechargeable Stinger 2020 is the next evolution in duty-ready flashlights designed for search, detection and defensive uses. The light delivers 2,000 lumens...
Kimtek Corp.
Leolite Transport Utv Skid Unit
Special Purpose Vehicles

The LEOLITE Transport UTV Skid Unit - Modular for Quick and Easy Configuration

July 1, 2020
KIMTEK's LEOLITE Transport is one of the first skid units designed, developed, and manufactured for law enforcement use in UTV sides-by-sides. This concept offers law enforcement...
FN America
Expert Insights

Less Lethal Technology Isn’t New, but It Is the Future

How the FN 303 provides an option with a minimal, almost non-existent risk of injury and delivers crowd behavior-modifying impacts and irritants to increase an agency’s ability...
Brother Mobile Solutions
Brother Rugged Jet Go Image

The RuggedJet Go Series Mobile Receipt Printers Are 'On the Go-Ready'

Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc.'s ‘on-the-go ready’ RuggedJet Go series of mobile receipt printers are highly compact and connect seamlessly to any compatible device, enabling ...
221B Tactical
The 221B Tactical Guardian Glove Pro

The Guardian Glove Pro Tactical Shooting and Search Gloves

June 22, 2020
With full dexterity, an ultra-thin design and all new touch screen capability, The Guardian Gloves Pro are the best full dexterity, full coverage, cut resistant search and tactical...
Panasonic® i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America
The i-PRO IDguard automated identity redaction solution was designed to save time and improve video editing accuracy for law enforcement agencies.
Evidence & Forensic Software

IDguard - An Identity Redaction Solution

June 19, 2020
i-Pro's IDguard is an identity redaction solution that reduces up to 90% of the manual effort associated with editing video files of sensitive content.With the growing volume ...
Digital Ally Inc.
First Vu Hd Camera
Body Cameras

Digital Ally Body Camera Subscription Program

June 16, 2020
Digital Ally's body camera subscription program as a response to high demand for video evidence technology for police and other first responder personnel. The program features...
FLIR Systems Inc.
Flir 380 X In Flight
Thermal Imaging

380X Star SAFIRE Long Range Imaging System

June 15, 2020
FLIR Systems, Inc. Star SAFIRE 380X hardware, firmware and software upgrade was released to support advanced image-aiding features for its globally deployed Star SAFIRE gimbal...
Elistair Inc. USA
Elistair Safe T 2 Ready For Integration

The Safe-T 2 Tethered Drone Station

June 12, 2020
Elistair's Safe-T 2 advanced and powerful tethering system was designed for use with commercially available drones. The Safe-T 2 provides users with unmatched power efficiency...
The Proximity Identification feature of the BriefCam Video Content Analytics Platform v5.6.1
Video Cameras

Video Content Analytics Platform v5.6.1 - Featuring Contact Tracing, Physical Distancing, Occupancy Management and Face Mask Detection

June 4, 2020
With the release of v5.6.1 of BriefCam's innovative and extensible video content analytics platform come new capabilities aimed at helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support...
221B Tactical
Gladiator Gloves User 221 B Tactical

The Gladiator Shooting and Search Tactical Glove

June 1, 2020
With high dexterity, an ultra-thin design and all new touch screen capability, The Gladiator Gloves are the best full dexterity, cut resistant, tactical shooting and search gloves...