August 2020

FoxFury Lighting Solutions
The T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device)
Visual / Audio Restraint

The T.E.D.D. Flashbang Alternative

Distributed by FoxFury Lighting Solutions, the T.E.D.D. is a flashbang alternative that is ideal for police trainings, riot, SWAT, and corrections. It emits a 2,600 lumen light...
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On the Street

Domestic Call Response Tactics

Where technology can be a critical force multiplier, the core of an officer’s duties hasn’t changed.
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Facial Recognition

Let's ID the Privacy and Accuracy Issues Raised by Facial Recognition

Panasonic i-PRO's Rob Thompkins covers privacy issues around facial recognition technologies
Officer Media Group, Robert Marvulli photographer
At 20 yards, we were able to keep the Hydra-Shok bullets within a 3.5-inch circle at 20 yards, but we are certain they are capable of better accuracy with better shooters.

Will the New Hydra-Shok Deep Perform?

Reviewing the Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep cartridges in 9mm and .40 S&W.

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Body Armor Protection

Body Armor Carriers as Load Bearing Vests

What will happen when the body armor carrier evolves beyond just carrying body armor? It already has.
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Digital Forensics

Advance Your Case on the Spot

Aug. 20, 2020
Handling digital forensics in-house can be overwhelming but investment in intuitive devices and the right training can lead to critical evidence.
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MEDIC! Emergency Response Gear to Carry

What a tactical medical instructor carries when he’s off duty, plus pro tips on a list of a few invaluable life-saving supplies.
Salary Report 2020 Image

Highlights of the Officer Media Group 2020 Salary Survey

When you’re discussing pay raises or additional benefits, it might help to have demonstrable data.
Kimtek Corp.
Leolite Transport Utv Skid Unit
Special Purpose Vehicles

The LEOLITE Transport UTV Skid Unit - Modular for Quick and Easy Configuration

July 1, 2020
KIMTEK's LEOLITE Transport is one of the first skid units designed, developed, and manufactured for law enforcement use in UTV sides-by-sides. This concept offers law enforcement...
ZOLL Medical Corporation
The next generation AED enhances ZOLL's portfolio of top-of-the-line defibrillators by continuing to deliver real-time CPR feedback and providing even better support for public access and professional customers.
AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)

The ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator - Enhanced with Real CPR Help, Integrated Child Rescue, & Wireless Connectivity

ZOLL AED 3 continues ZOLL's tradition of providing best-in-class AEDs to help improve outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by removing the guesswork for bystanders and giving...
Honeywell Howard Leight
The Howard Leight Impact Sport Honor electronic earmuff collection feature Smoke (at left), One Nation (center), and Real Blue (at right).
Ear Protection

The Impact Sport Honor Collection Electronic Earmuffs - A Tribute to Those Who Serve

Consisting of three inspiring new colorways – Real Blue, One Nation, and Smoke – the Howard Leight Impact Sport Honor Collection pays homage to such heroes and is sure to be appreciated...
Triple K Manufacturing Co.
Compact Expandable Baton Esp Hi Rez

Ultra Compact Expandable Baton, Made by Euro Security Products

The Ultra Compact Expandable Baton available through Triple K Mfg. Co., allows for discreet concealed carry. Features significantly reduced dimensions and an optional removable...
General Motors | Chevrolet
2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle 101

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and SSV

General Motors Fleet's 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe is available in two law enforcement packages: the Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle is designed for high speeds and dynamic capability with...
First Line Technology
Ambubus Qrt Interior 2 First Line Technology
Special Purpose Vehicles

The AmbuBus QRT Conversion Kit

April 16, 2020
First Line Technology's AmbuBus QRT Quick Response Transport (QRT) is purpose-built for tactical military or law enforcement situations where a single ambulance is not enough ...
Team Wendy
Ess Pivot Rail Mount Side View
Headwear Accessories

Two EXFIL Ballistic Helmets Pair With ESS Pivot Series Goggles

March 18, 2020
Team Wendy's EXFIL Ballistic and EXFIL Ballist SL helmets work in conjunction with the Profile Pivot and Influx Pivot Goggles from ESS. Team Wendy's EXFIL Ballistic Helmet & EXFIL...
FN America
Fn503 Blk Side L (1)

The FN 503 Slim 9mm Striker-fired Pistol, Designed for Concealed Carry

March 16, 2020
FN America's FN 503 is a slim 9mm striker-fired pistol designed specifically for concealed carry. Using the design, performance and reliability standards of the FN 509 family ...
Gamber-Johnson LLC
Trim Line Panasonic Cf 33 Dock
Equipment Mounts & Consoles

Mount Your Toughbook 33 with the TrimLine Vehicle Docking Station

March 6, 2020
Gamber-Johnson’s TrimLine vehicle docking station is a perfect companion for the Toughbook 33 2-in-1 laptop computer; with a machined aluminum design and powder-coat finish this...
ASP Inc.
Rigid Case With Steel Cuffs
Gear Pouches & Holders

Exo Cases - High-Speed Handcuff Case

Jan. 31, 2020
Exo cases are sleek, lightweight, rapid-access carriers, custom-designed for ASP’s revolutionary ultra cuffs. They get their name from a lightweight, exoskeleton-like design that...
Escort Shotguns USA Inc.
The Escort Shotguns Slugger Shotgun.

Slugger Series Pump-Action Shotguns

Escort Shotgun USA Inc.'s Slugger series of pump-actions is a no-frills security shotgun, available in two styles. The Slugger is a synthetic-stocked, ergonomic grip, scattergun...
Deere & Company
The John Deere four door model.
Special Purpose Vehicles

Special Application Vehicle Line

Jan. 13, 2020
John Deere's line of Special Application Vehicles were built to suit the needs of federal, state, and local governments, and first responders. This custom line of utility vehicles...

The Ruger-57 Handgun

Dec. 31, 2019
The Ruger-57 is a full-featured handgun wrapped around a standard capacity, 20-round steel magazine, chambered in the high performance and low-recoiling 5.7x28mm caliber. The ...
WatchGuard Video, a Motorola Solutions Company
Motorola Solutions WatchGuard V300 in the field. Swappable battery pack and secure wireless uploading enable continuous operation
Body Cameras

The V300 Body-Worn Camera, Featuring a 12-hour Detachable Battery

WatchGuard's V300 body-worn camera is one of the first in the industry to address law enforcement’s need for cameras that remain operational beyond a 12-hour shift. Swappable ...
Chinook Medical Gear Inc.
Life Pack Closed
First Aid Kits & Supplies

LIFE Kit Line (Lifesaving Interventions For Emergencies)

Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. improved its comprehensive LIFE™ Kit Line (Lifesaving Interventions For Emergencies). Chinook LIFE™ Kits are the answer to emerging standards and protocol...
SIG Sauer Inc.
Rm400 11 B Trd Left

The M400 TREAD Pistol

Sept. 5, 2019
SIG SAUER, Inc.'s M400 TREAD Pistol is a premium entry-level rifle-caliber pistol, that’s fully compatible with existing TREAD branded accessories. The M400 TREAD pistol is an...
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2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit

The 2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit is equipped with a Uconnect 7.0-inch display, which integrates law enforcement systems and innovative technology. In addition to the legendary 5...
Polaris Government and Defense
Polaris Ranger Xp 1000 Crew All Weather Patrol Package (1)300
Special Purpose Vehicles

RANGER Law Enforcement Side-by-Side Vehicle

Polaris®Government and Defense's RANGER®side-by-side vehicles were tailored to meet the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel. The upfitted...
Kustom Signals Inc.
Laser Cam 4 Officer Shoot
Speed Detection

The LaserCam 4 Hand-held Video LIDAR

March 20, 2014
LaserCam 4 is the fourth generation hand-held video LIDAR from Kustom Signals. Powered by the ProLaser® 4 for superior performance, LaserCam 4 offers greater range to target, ...