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If you have flu-like symptoms but have not traveled to Wuhan, China recently or been in close contact with someone who has, you're likely in the clear. However, if you do have concerns, do not hesitate to contact your local health care provider. If you haven’t received your flu vaccine, do so.
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What Officers Should Know About the Coronavirus

Jan. 31, 2020
An overview of the coronavirus, implications, precautions for law enforcement officers, and tips on protecting yourself from influenza and other respiratory illnesses
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Tt Mod Medic Insert 30 Web
Gear Equipment Storage

The Modular Medic Insert 30

The TT Modular Medic Insert 30 allows the team medic to convert any backpack to a medic pack with a variety of inserts. Designed to work specifically with the TT Modular Pack ...
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Tt Ifak Pouch Vl L Web
First Aid Kits & Supplies

The IFAK Pouch VL L - An Individual / Improved First Aid Kit

The TT IFAK Pouch VL L, an “Individual or Improved First Aid Kit,” has MOLLE hook-and-loop attachments to allow for easy attaching to loop counterparts, such as in the TT Modular...
Chinook Medical Gear Inc.
Life Pack Closed
First Aid Kits & Supplies

LIFE Kit Line (Lifesaving Interventions For Emergencies)

Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. improved its comprehensive LIFE™ Kit Line (Lifesaving Interventions For Emergencies). Chinook LIFE™ Kits are the answer to emerging standards and protocol...
Chinook Medical Gear Inc.
Life Kit Samxt Front
First Aid Kits & Supplies

New & Improved LIFE Kits Allow On-Scene Treatment

Chinook Medical Gear launches a new line of LIFE Kits to provide treatment on scene during the critical period of time between injury and arrival of medical professionals.