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  • November/December 2022
  • November/December 2022

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    Special Purpose Vehicles

    The Rook Armored Critical Incident Vehicle

    March 18, 2024
    The Rook Vehicle is custom designed and fabricated by Ring Power. Utilizing the powerful Cat® Compact Track Loader chassis with 98 gross HP engine, 14,030-pound operating weight...

    Galls 8" Waterproof Side Zip Boots

    Jan. 18, 2024
    The Galls 8" Waterproof Side Zip Boots are built with high-tech materials for high-performance that doesn’t sacrifice durability. Constructed with a molded nylon stability board...
    Point Blank Enterprises
    The Vanguard
    Ballistic Shields

    Vanguard Level III

    The Vanguard from Point Blank Enterprises provides level III rifle threat protection and is available in three shapes. A wide rectangular shaped viewport provides excellent viewing...
    Axon VR Training
    Training Simulators

    Axon VR Training

    Sept. 8, 2023
    It takes constant training for public safety officers to perform at their best. But not all training is equal. Traditional police training can be time-consuming, unrealistic and...
    Point Blank Enterprises
    Origin System by PARACLETE
    Body Armor Protection

    Origin System by PARACLETE

    The Origin System by PARACLETE from Point Blank Enterprises builds upon the developing needs of military and law enforcement service members. It applies technology in new innovative...

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    Ballistic Shields


    May 8, 2023
    BlueRidge Armor’s new VENGEANCE™ X7 is a hard armor ballistic, rifle-rated shield featuring the very latest evolutions in armor technology. Building on the origins of the popular...
    ID 13523491 © David Kay | Dreamstime.com
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    Honoring the Fallen

    Educating the Legacy of Fallen Officers

    Jan. 15, 2023
    Folds of Honor has expanded its mission to include a scholarship program aimed at the families of fallen or disabled first responders.
    Kim Dowling/Michigan State Police
    Ford F-150 Police Responder 3.5L EcoBoost

    Riding High: Mich. State Police Evaluation Focuses on SUVs, Pickups

    Jan. 14, 2023
    At the annual Michigan State Police Precision Driving Unit’s Vehicle Evaluations, the spotlight was on pickup trucks and SUVs as automakers pivot from the once-dominant sedan....
    ID 1253676741 © d1sk | gettyimages.com
    2212 Ofcr32 35 Ots Feat
    Crime Analytics

    A Most Violent Year: How Police Are Fighting a New Crime Wave

    Jan. 7, 2023
    With protests and the pandemic in the past, a violent crime surge has become the new concern for major cities, and law enforcement officials hope figuring out the causes will ...
    D 1328209871 © CSA-Printstock | gettyimages.com
    2212 Ofcr28 31 Law Reform

    Law Enforcement Reform—Or Not?

    How police and law enforcement agencies can—and should—control the message when it comes to "reform."
    ID 53360048 © Romolo Tavani | Dreamstime.com
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    The Four 'R’s' for Success

    Dec. 25, 2022
    An intertwined flow chart for building a better agency.
    Streamlight Wedge
    On the Street

    OFFICER Magazine's Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

    With time running out before Christmas Day, OFFICER Magazine has you covered with a variety of down-to-the-wire gift suggestions for the officer in your life.
    Photo: Karren Bertomen
    It is important to have magazines that drop free of the firearm when the magazine latch is pressed. There are several methods to help magazine ejection. One method is to snap the gun outward, as if rotating it on the axis of the barrel. Lindsey's preferred method is to snap the gun downward while pressing the magazine release.
    Specialized Training

    One-Handed Reloading

    Every officer needs to know how to quickly reload, reload under pressure and reload when injured.
    Verco Materials LLC
    Body Armor & Accessories

    New Ballistic Armor Concept

    The Verco Materials UrbanShieldMH is put to the test.
    Hoefer Welker
    North Little Rock Justice Center
    Station Design

    OFFICER Magazine Announces 2022 Station Design Award Winners

    Dec. 13, 2022
    OFFICER Magazine announced the winners of its third annual Officer Station Design Awards (OSDA) program, which recognizes outstanding architecture and design from law enforcement...
    ID 1258170102 © Say-Cheese | gettyimages.com
    2212 Ofcr42 45 Inv Feat

    How to Catch A Criminal: The Proof is in The Crust

    This month, one of many serial killers to terrorize 1980's Los Angeles, unknown, until he left behind an unlikely clue.
    South San Francisco Pd Exterior 1
    Station Design

    South San Francisco Civic Campus Police Station

    Dec. 6, 2022
    The South San Francisco Police Department in California had never occupied a facility designed specifically for police needs and services.
    Pd Exterior Northwest View
    Station Design

    Medford Police Headquarters

    Dec. 5, 2022
    The project in Massachusetts involved a feasibility study and rigorous site selection process.
    Investigation Software

    CARFAX for Police

    Oct. 26, 2022
    CARFAX for Police powers investigators, analysts and patrol officers with the world's largest vehicle history database – the CARFAX Vehicle History Report (VHR). The VHR is valued...
    Micro Flow I Image (1)
    Forensic Lab Equipment

    MicroFlow I Workstation

    Oct. 26, 2022
    The MicroFlow I Workstation from HEMCO Corp. is a ductless carbon filtered workstation equipped with activated carbon filtration, designed to collect small amounts of non-hazardous...
    5.11, Inc.
    Range Ready Trainer Bag
    Gear Equipment Storage

    Range Ready Trainer Bag

    Oct. 26, 2022
    The Range Ready Trainer Bag from 5.11 has space to hold everything you need for a day at the range. Fully padded with a PE board base to keep your gear safe while the removable...
    Oracle Ei

    The Future of Law Enforcement Technology is Here

    Oct. 17, 2022
    Working in partnership with local Police and Sheriffs' personnel, Fire and EMS professionals, and the world's foremost law enforcement technology experts nationwide, Oracle has...
    908 Devices


    Oct. 7, 2022
    The MX908 from 908 Devices is a multi-mission handheld mass spectrometer utilized by elite responders conducting chemical, explosive, priority drug and HazMat operations around...

    ZeroEyes DeepZero

    Sept. 29, 2022
    ZeroEyes DeepZero is a patented A.I.-based gun detection video analytics platform, and is the only technology of its kind to hold the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY...
    Video Cameras

    Hikvision K-Series NVRS

    Sept. 2, 2022
    Hikvision's K-Series Network Video Recorders (NVRs) with AcuSense video analytics are equipped with embedded AcuSense technology. This NVR series employs deep learning algorithms...
    Supplies & Services

    Custom PVC Patches

    Sept. 1, 2022
    GS-JJ offers Custom PVC Patches as a no minimum service. Any quantity can customization, whether the buyer wants to order one piece, five pieces or other quantities. In addition...

    Multicolor Silhouette Shooting Targets

    Aug. 31, 2022
    Multicolor Silhouette Shooting Targets from EasyShot Targets are 18”x12” maximum visibility silhouette targets: The vibrant colors allow shooters to clearly see their shots land...
    Watercraft & Accessories

    Search and Rescue Boats

    Aug. 30, 2022
    Ocean Craft Marine’s specially engineered Search and Rescue boats more than meet these criteria. Our Search and Rescue RHIBs are capable of carrying exceptionally heavy loads,...
    Body Armor Protection

    DFNDR Level III Rifle Rated Body Armor

    Aug. 30, 2022
    The DFNDR Armor® Rifle Rated Level III system is an introductory lightweight body armor insert designed to defeat standard lead core .308, 7.62, .223 and 5.56 threats. Our Level...
    Brother Mobile Solutions
    PocketJet 8 Series

    PocketJet 8 Series

    The PocketJet 8 series from Brother Mobile Solutions builds upon almost 30 years of reliable functionality in the millions of legacy units sold, and includes enhancements to print...
    Code 3
    Lightbars & Lights

    CD5031 Series

    Aug. 29, 2022
    Code 3’s CD5031 is a exterior warning light specifically designed to fit perfectly inside the Ford PIU grille. Its dual or tri-color LEDs provide exceptional output with combinations...