Ballistic Identification

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Shots Fired at U.S. Space Center in Alabama

May 4, 2012
Two bullets, likely from a rifle fired on the interstate, hit a Saturn V Rocket at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center which was closed for about two hours during the investigation...
Ballistic Identification

Liability for Police Lineups

Aug. 15, 2011
Recent DNA exonerations have revealed a significant problem with eyewitness IDs based on lineups. They’ve also changed the landscape for failure to train officers on reliable ...
Ballistic Identification

Defending Your Lineup in Court

July 18, 2011
Armed with headlining DNA exonerations and new research, defense attorneys have a new arsenal for attacking police lineups. Are you ready to do battle in court?
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Ballistic Identification

ALIAS Advanced Ballistics Analysis System

From Pyramidal Technologies, ALIAS builds visually rich 3D cartridge images, then provides tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, and adjustable light...