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Oakland PD
Oakland may be forced to make budget cuts.
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Oakland's Budget Shortfall Could Force Cuts

Dec. 21, 2020
For months, Oakland leaders have considered cutting the city's $290 million police budget in half.



The changing face of the law enforcement career

May 23, 2011
As police executives address the difficulty of recruiting and maintaining officers in an atmosphere thick with cutbacks, layoffs and, in some cases, the elimination of positions...
International Association of Police Chaplains
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Spiritual Post Shooting Survival

April 7, 2011
Officers involved in shootings are often praised as heroes. They do act with courage but most never feel like a hero. Everyone I have talked to felt like they had lost a battle...

Married to a Cop

Jan. 11, 2011
I've never heard of a trash collector's wife listening as her stone-faced husband tells the story of pulling a 4 year old out of the mud after being run over by her father's tractor...
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Chaplain: Level III Mind Set

Jan. 6, 2011
To create a Level III Mindset we must keep our mind, body and spirit sharp. We must keep as much protection as possible between us and the bad guys.
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Protecting Your Wallet

Dec. 27, 2010
With lean times ahead, it’s important to have a game-plan for your finances.