Cell Extraction

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Body Armor Protection


Jan. 7, 2011
Designed to be a high-threat level, riot control, civil disturbance and cell extraction suit, the Damascus FX1 FlexForce system has a lightweight design to provide substantial...
Cell Extraction


The RappelMaster is used by the US Special Forces, SWAT Teams around the world, a number of foreign militarys, extensive daily use by the Cirque du Soleil, and numerous rappel...
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The Soft-Cuff Wrap

Oct. 26, 2009
Available from Safe Restraints, the Soft-Cuff version of the Wrap Restraint System includes soft-cuffs which can be used for transporting a subject for medical treament. These...
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CAPS (Corrections Arterial Protection System)

Nov. 19, 2007
PROTECH Corrections' CAPS (Corrections Arterial Protection System) helps to reduce arterial access and counter violent attacks with upper thigh and interior leg protection attaching...