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Training Our Cops For Combat

Retired LT Frank Borelli discusses what he perceives as a potential training deficiency in our American law enforcement world today.
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Goodbye is Always Implied

A friendly reminder that when you leave home to go on shift, that goodbye, even if not said, is always implied.
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Don’t Be a Flat Squirrel: Recognizing the Need to Make Decisions

Let's take a look at why police and law enforcement cadets should learn that making a decision and acting on it—even if it's a bad decision—is better than making no decision at...
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Officer Discretion As A Public Relations Tool

Retired Lieutenant Frank Borelli discusses the power of officer discretion in misdemeanor cases and how it can be leveraged to impact perception of law enforcement professionals...
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43 Cal Jars

Officer Labs: T4E Training Weapons

Officer Review Labs report on the T4E marker training weapons. Find out how the field test and evaluation of the training platforms turned out.
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Hiring & Promotion

Hiring the Imperfect Perfect Applicant

Retired Lt. Frank Borelli discusses the reality of hiring applicants with 99.9% perfect backgrounds. At what point is imperfection no longer acceptable in an applicant?