Less-Lethal Training

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Training & Careers

T4E - Elite Force Avalon VR16 Calibur CQC 6mm Airsoft Rifle (2273306)

March 27, 2017
The T4E Elite Force Avalon VR16 Calibur CQC 6mm Airsoft Rifle (2273306) is a realistic, cost effective and practical training option for close quarters, active shooter and force...
Ferguson Police Department
Lt. Eickhoff connects with students during a Secret Santa shop.
Less-Lethal Training

After the Protest - Q&A with Ferguson's Lt. Col. Alan Eickhoff

Jan. 19, 2017
It has been two years since the protests following the Michael Brown shooting. For the most part, the dust has settled. A grand jury found there was no probable cause to indict...
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Less-Lethal Ammunition / Projectiles

T4E Elite Force Beretta M92 A1 Blowback Airsoft pistol (2274303)

Nov. 1, 2016
The T4E Elite Force Beretta M92 A1 Blowback (2274303) is an officially licensed 6mm Airsoft training pistol replica. The Beretta M92 A1 features replicate the real firearm with...
Smith Wesson M P Shield 45ACP Bluegun 58ac70f010211
Less-Lethal Training

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .45ACP Bluegun Training Pistol Replica

Nov. 1, 2016
Introducing the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .45ACP Bluegun training pistol replica from Ring's Manufacturing. The M&P Shield training pistol is molded from solid blue polyurethane...
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Training & Careers

T4E Battle Dust .43 caliber Marking rounds (2292063)

Oct. 20, 2016
The T4E Battle Dust .43 caliber marking rounds are for use in the T4E training markers. The T4E Battle Dust is ideal for use in force on force, close quarters and active shooter...