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Critical Facets in Protecting the Homeland Volume III eBook

This 43-page eBook will cover some of the most important updates in homeland security in the past 12 months including:The $5 Billion Increase in the U.S. Intelligence Budget for...
National Tactical Officers Association
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NTOA Updated Its Tactical Response and Operations Standard (TROS) for Law Enforcement

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to serving the law enforcement community, announces the latest update to its Tactical...
Rowman & Littlefield
'Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System: Exploring the possibilities for correctional rehabilitation' by Bobbie Ticknor.
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Book Review: Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System

July 11, 2018
In her book, Bobbie Ticknor explores the possibilities of VR for correctional rehabilitation.
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Book: A Scientific Approach to Reality Based Training

May 1, 2018
How much do you know about Reality Based Training? Can you answer these three true or false questions? 1) Reality Based Training scenarios do little to improve performance of ...
Self-Talk Counseling & Consulting, PLLC
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Book - Breaking the Code of Silence: A Cop’s Journey to Triumph and Truth

A former cop, turned counselor published the book, "Breaking the Code of Silence: A Cop’s Journey to Triumph and Truth."This book reveals how past experiences played a major role...