Book Review: A Moral Dilemma

May 1, 2020
A police officer from Tulsa, Oklahoma writes a gritty tale of a serial killer in a small town in "A Moral Dilemma" by Officer John McCann.
Gripping, gritty, and real are the best words to describe "A Moral Dilemma" by John McCann, a police officer from Tulsa, Okla., turned writer. Set in a small town, suddenly there is a lot of action and attention when a serial killer begins honing in on his targets. Nicknamed the “Pedo-Murderer” the killer’s actions divide the town in half. Some want the killer caught while others feel he is doing the town a great justice by ending the lives of pedophiles.

From the very first chapter, the book grabs the reader’s attention. Much of the book is written from the killer’s perspective which gives it an interesting insight into the mind and reasoning behind his actions. The reader gets an inside look at how the vigilante type murderer thinks, feels, and plans his kills.

On the darker side, there are some scenes that are graphic. These are the stories or flashbacks of the incidents where the targeted pedophiles violated their victims. The majority of the book touches on what happened to the child victims without going into too many details.

As the story continues and the careful killer continues his mission of taking out felons. Police do end up tracking him down. However, his mission isn’t over and he is able to complete his personal agenda even from behind bars. Twists and turns in the story give readers cause to keep turning the pages until the very end of the book.

About the Author

Hilary Rodela

Hilary Rodela is currently a Surveillance Officer, a former Private Investigator, a former Crime Scene Investigator, and Evidence Technician. She worked for the Ruidoso (NM) Police Department as well as the Lubbock (TX) Police Department. She has written for several public safety publications and has extensive law enforcement and forensic training and is pursuing forensic expertise in various disciplines. Hilary is a freelance public safety writer and curriculum developer for the National Investigative Training Academy.

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