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The Shooting Harnesses Slings product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching various law enforcement Shooting Harnesses Slings options. It covers handguns, shotguns, precision and sniper rifles, combat holsters and firearms accessories.

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May 10, 2022
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Gear Equipment Storage

Rapid Emergency Detachment (RED) Swivel

March 25, 2014
The Rapid Emergency Detachment (RED) swivel offers a replacement option for standard push button sling swivels through the unique knob shaped pull tab design.When seconds count...
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Firearm Accessories

SW Tactical Sling

April 10, 2013
When Sims Vibration Laboratory set out to develop their first tactical sling, they collaborated with those that know best the rigors of tactical weapons – law enforcement and ...
Del-Ton, Inc.
AR-style rifles, such as this example from Del-Ton, can be and are justified for patrol use.
Gun Locks Safety Devices

The Rifle in Your Patrol Vehicle

I remember a time when "the rifle" in your trunk was either a shotgun or a handgun caliber long gun. Recent feedback shows that the patrol rifle trend is still growing.
Ralph Mroz
Slipping the pack under the off shoulder places the CCW pull tab at your fingertips and provides easy access to the gun.

The Smokescreen Concealment Monopack

Sept. 19, 2012
Off-body carry certainly isn’t the best way to carry a firearm, but sometimes it’s either the only way to do so, or an intelligent choice given the trade-offs. Situations meeting...
Paul Markel
Examples of some of the gear for your One Man Go Bag: tourniquet, pressure dressing, medical gauze, decompression needle, emergency sheers, etc.
First Aid Kits & Supplies

One-Man Go Bag: Kit up now

Aug. 21, 2012
Far too often the good guys and the innocent citizen are found on the ground leaking. If you are out on the road, it’s more often than not going to be you who show up first on...