2,500+ Ways to Customize Your Carry

July 18, 2016
Build It for Your Specific Needs

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When manufacturers design backpacks and other utility bags, they make them for the majority of their customers, based on reseach to identify the “sweet spot” that will serve the needs of most potential buyers. And it works most of the time. But it also means that not everyone gets exactly what they need from a standard product. So what do you do? How can you make a bag built for everyone work for your specific needs?


Thanks to innovative features such as hook and loop and the military-based Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) fastening systems, you can quickly and easily transform a basic bag meant for the masses into your own creation by adding specially-designed pouches and accessory holders right where you want them. Introduced in 1997 by Natick Labs, MOLLE features parallel bands of elasticized webbing spaced one inch apart to allow accessory straps to be run through two of more of the bands for perpendicular connections to the pack. The straps snap securely closed on back.

In addition on MOLLE, many bags feature large and small loop fields on the outside for adding hook-backed identification, such as your name tape and insignia patches. Swiss manufacturer Velcro created the original hook and loop closures after founder George de Mestral was inspired by studying burrs that clung to his dog’s fir. After the original patent ran out in 1978, other companies began making similar products.

User Configurable

Perhaps the biggest benefit of bag customization is the freedom to switch pouches in and out quickly as your needs change. For example, throw in a hydration sleeve for this weekend’s camping trip, and then switch it out for a padded laptop sleeve when it’s back to work on Monday. Snap on a binocular pouch with MOLLE for your excursion to the mountains and pull it right back off when you get home. One backpack with multiple uses, configured the way you want it. Some bags, such as the U.C. Pack with “User Configurable” built right into the name, are purposely designed for customization from the start. Based on our Army MOLLE packs and US Marine Corp ILBE packs, the U.C. Pack provides MOLLE attachment points all over the outside and a large loop field incorporated into the inside to make personalization easy. Pouches large and small can be added right where you want them for your particular mission needs.

Range Bags Range bags are another great example of custom needs. If you’re a dedicated shooter, chances are you are very particular about how your range bag is set up, with certain compartments reserved for specific purposes, allowing you to just reach in, grab what you need and go. As a convenient cost saver, hang a dump pocket on the outside to hold your expensive defensive hollowpoints for easy access later while you practice with cheaper ball ammo. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of convenience. For example, if you’re shooting two similar caliber guns (e.g., .380 vs 9mm), you can separate the ammunition boxes into different compartments and reduce the risk of loading the wrong bullets in the wrong weapon, a potentially dangerous mixup. Stay organized by adding a pistol sleeve and spare magazine holder to the inside. Maybe you prefer to carry your pistol in a dedicated pistol case that fits inside your range bag where a built-in pistol sleeve would only get in the way. Or perhaps you need exterior pouches on your rifle case for extra magazines. Whatever your preferences, you can choose the attachments you need and attach them where you want for the most convenient access for you.

Other Bags Many other bags offer great customization, as well. The Daily Carry Organizer and Tactical Duffle, for example, provide a wide loop field near the handle to accommodate a name tag with room left over for a flag or other patches, as well as MOLLE attachment points on the outside for extra storage. Other bags feature strategically-placed loop fields to hold all sorts of attachments including additional storage pockets. Even some of the pouches themselves can be customized.

These are just a few examples of bags that feature MOLLE and hook and loop for customization. While no one bag is perfect for every use, with a little customization you can easily make it work for your specific needs.


Thanks to innovative features such as hook and loop and MOLLE fastening systems, there are over 2,500 ways you can take a basic bag meant for the masses and make it your own. https://www.propper.com/blog/customize-your-carry/


Customize Your Carry: Over 2,500 ways to make your bag your own. https://www.propper.com/blog/customize-your-carry/ #propper #tactigalgear (94 characters)

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Customize your bag. Thanks to innovative features such as hook and loop and MOLLE fastening systems, you can take a basic bag meant for the masses and make it your own.

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