Heavy Duty Police Truck Bed Glorails

Police Vehicle Test

Smart RGB Bluetooth glowing truck bed rails from Glorails are made from one model design that is smart enough to detect the user’s location via their smartphone and is capable of restricting any colors that are illegal in that state or province all depending on the user-mode selected. Available modes include “Accent lighting,” “Police & Fire,” and “Amber”. 

Glorails can be sold to all existing first responder markets local or international due to its smart RGB capabilities.

From the automotive lighting enthusiast to police, fire and first responders, Glorails are ready for any emergency. With the company's Chrome Sheathed models, the marketing and advertising capabilities of this device stand out. All base models are RGB with add on’s added to create the other variations. For example, the police and amber models will come with more and brighter LED’s for daytime uses.

Get your overglow on!

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