August 2022

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP)
Enhanced Red Guns
Training Equipment

ASP Enhanced Red Guns

May 16, 2024
Enhanced Red Guns from ASP Inc. is the latest generation of the company’s iconic line of safe replica training weapons. The new Enhanced variants feature removable ...
Point Blank Enterprises
Origin System by PARACLETE
Body Armor Protection

Origin System by PARACLETE

The Origin System by PARACLETE from Point Blank Enterprises builds upon the developing needs of military and law enforcement service members. It applies technology in new innovative...
Training Simulators

V-300 Simulator

May 8, 2023
VirTra’s V-300 was the world’s first 300-degree law enforcement reality-based situational training simulator that continues to advance and remains the highest standard of law ...
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No Joke: Searching for Serious Solutions to 'Swatting'

April 2, 2023
To combat and prevent “swatting” threats, law enforcement fights a two-front battle, and a rash of these calls targeting schools after the Nashville mass shooting shows how insidious...
Watercraft & Accessories


Dec. 13, 2022
The RIBCRAFT 5.85 is the most relied on boat in the RIBCRAFT model line for government agencies. This this 19-foot RIB provides unmatched performance for a boat of its size. Quick...

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Officer Media Group, photographer Frank Borelli
Radically different from the traditional pump action shotgun, the KSG is a bullpup design that loads rounds in through the dual magazine tubes from the back bottom.

KelTec “Short” Guns—Not Handguns

Editorial Director Frank Borelli takes a look at the KelTec RFB bullpup rifle and the KelTec KSG shotgun.
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Mission: Destroy A Department

Aug. 20, 2022
There are three types of police and law enforcement agency chiefs, and the rarest is the undertaker, a leader who is brought in to lay a department to rest.
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How to Catch A Criminal: Sins of the Father

This month, a patrolman's line of duty death that went unsolved for decades, until a family secret closed the case.
Officer Media Group, photographer Frank Borelli
Bushnell Rds Dot

Bushnell RXS 250 Review

Frank's first experience with a red dot sight made him a believer.
Aardvark Tactical
P7 Lifestyle Carlsbad Sev ob Nursery F8a3238

Preserving the History of SWAT

Aug. 16, 2022
This summer, Jon Becker, the founder of Aardvark Tactical, launched The Debrief podcast, which focuses on the stories of tactical officers and team leaders.
Photo: Gene Whisenand
Fighting with a gun at 'bad breath' distance takes practice. Before live fire, Lindsey rehearsed the sequence several times without live fire before attempting this with real bullets. It is strongly suggested that this be done with a subcaliber training device like an airsoft gun before attempting live fire.
Specialized Training

Get Off Me

A gun battle can be up close, and it is measured in milliseconds. What do you need to do to survive?
Village Center for Holistic Therapy
First Responders Pic 1
Specialized Training

A Mindful Approach to Mental Health

Aug. 13, 2022
Mindful Connections for Public Safety is helping officers find balance in their personal and professional lives.
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Implementing New Technology the Right Way

Aug. 12, 2022
Law enforcement agencies must carefully implement technology programs from the start to avoid pushback.
Setina Manufacturing
Vehicles & Equipment

Electric Designs

Aug. 11, 2022
Manufacturers are working to create accessories as the demand for electric vehicles grows.
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The Value of Shotgun Versatility

The versatility of the common law enforcement shotgun should ensure it a place in the police arsenal.
Frank Borelli
Those two low shots and the one farthest left were before zeroing the red dot sight. That other single ragged hole measures about 1.34' at the largest point and is 47 rounds fired unsupported at 15 yards.

FN 509 – Is It In Your Holster?

The FN 509 MRD-LE proved itself a comfortable, capable, contemporary handgun throughout our testing.
Aardvark Tactical
Sky-Hero SIGYN Mk1

The Tactical Robotics Suite from Sky-Hero Combines the SIGYN Mk1 and Loki MK2 sUAS

July 14, 2022
The Tactical Robotics Suite by Sky-Hero, available exclusively from Aardvark Tactical, combines the highly successful LOKI Mk2 Tactical sUAS with the SIGYN Mk1 Recon System which...
Wiley X
Eye Protection


June 29, 2022
Wiley X WX SAINT's lightweight design and rubber tipped temples provide enough comfort to wear all day. The WX Saint meets the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high velocity/high...
InVeris Training Solutions
VR-DT (Virtual Reality ꟾ Decisions and Tactics)
Training Simulators

VR-DT (Virtual Reality ꟾ Decisions and Tactics)

The VR-DT (Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics), or "Verdict," from InVeris Training Solutions uses the latest fully immersive VR technology for training de-escalation of force...
Kalispel Case Line
K9 Crates
K-9 Equipment & Services

K9 Crates

June 29, 2022
K9 Crates from Kalispel Case Line give your law enforcement canines the ultimate in protection whether on the road, in-flight or at home. Kalispel's K9 Crates are expertly engineered...
Pr Wv Vcf41 P4 K V2 050322 (2)
In-car Video

WV-VCF41P 4K Panoramic Front Camera

June 29, 2022
The WV-VCF41P 4K Panoramic Front Camera from i-PRO Americas Inc., a component of i-PRO’s powerful ICV4000 in-car video (ICV) system, is ideal for law enforcement agencies seeking...
Detego Digital Forensics
Detego Ballistic Imager
Imaging Software

Detego Ballistic Imager

Detego® Ballistic Imager from Detego Digital Forensics is the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool, built on patented technology. Detego® Ballistic Imager is the obvious choice...
IML Corp.
SoundCommander® SC1100EX EXPANDED Loudspeaker System

SoundCommander® SC1100EX EXPANDED Loudspeaker System

June 28, 2022
Be loud. Be clear. Be understood. Rely on SoundCommander® SC1100EX tactical, portable loudspeaker systems from IML Corp. to take control in any mission-critical situation. It’...
Genetec Inc.
Synergis Cloud Link PoE-enabled IoT gateway for access control

Next-Generation Synergis Cloud Link

June 28, 2022
Genetec Inc's new generation of its Synergis™ Cloud Link PoE-enabled IoT gateway for access control addresses increasing demand for non-proprietary access control solutions and...
Radios & Accessories


The APX NEXT™ radio from Motorola Solutions is one of the most advanced broadband-enabled radios available. The radios will enhance officer and community safety with resilient...
Nue Go Vpublicsafety

NueGOV Public Safety

June 27, 2022
NueGOV Public Safety is the one system of record to manage a law enforcement agency's assets. The software solution is Ideal for electronics, weapons, fleet and other equipment...
Magnet Forensics Inc.
Magnet DVR Examiner
Digital Forensics

Magnet DVR Examiner

June 22, 2022
Magnet DVR Examiner from Magnet Forensics is an easy-to-use video evidence platform that enables police agencies to recover and analyze digital video recorders, CCTV and surveillance...
RTS Tactical
Rapid Deploy IFAK Field Medical Kit
First Aid Kits & Supplies

Rapid Deploy IFAK Field Medical Kit

June 7, 2022
The IFAK from RTS Tactical is a ​​comprehensive medical kit outfitted with cutting-edge components designed for injuries in the field. Rapid one-hand deployment allows access ...
FTI/Tetra Gun Care
Tetra Gun Spray II
Cleaning Supplies

Tetra Gun Spray II

June 6, 2022
New and improved Tetra® Gun Spray II is a high-performance, all-in-one, synthetic-safe aerosol product that cleans, lubricates and protects (CLP). This new product replaces both...
5.11, Inc.
Division Digital Watch
Watches & Whistles

Division Digital Watch

June 6, 2022
The Division Digital watch from 5.11 features a rugged stainless steel case (44mm) with a tonal IP coating and mineral crystal face. Four buttons give you control of the light...
Taction Professional Blacklight Flashlight

Taction Professional Blacklight Flashlight

June 3, 2022
The Taction Professional Blacklight Flashlight is lightweight and durable, so it can stand up to any scene. Made with sturdy materials with its all metal body, and carefully monitored...
VirTra inc.
Complementing Jpeg 2

Saving Time, Money, and Lives: Certified Simulation Training

June 2, 2022
In order to learn and practice the skills needed, law enforcement officers must practice in a similar circumstance.
N Ear 2022
Headsets & Earpieces

Creating a More Comfortable Earpiece

May 16, 2022
Sales representatives Jamie Tonge and Sara Drees recently spoke to OFFICER Magazine about what separates N-ear from a crowded market.