Emergency Response Software

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Baron Services Inc.
Threat Net incorporates three easy ways to track inclement weather: web portal, custom alerts, and mobile app capability.
Emergency Response Software

Emergency Response Nonprofit Team Rubicon Uses BaronThreatNet.com

Oct. 15, 2018
Will provide BaronThreatNet.com’s technology to aid disaster response teams
Cleartronic Inc.
Cleartronic, Inc. through ReadyOp Communications, Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary, released a new application for first responders and hospitals for patient tracking and mass casualty events - www.cleartronic.com, www.voiceinterop.com and www.readyop.com.
Emergency Response Software

ReadyOp Scan Patient Tracking and Mass Casualty Events App

Sept. 20, 2018
Cleartronic, Inc. through ReadyOp Communications, Inc., released a application for first responders and hospitals for patient tracking and mass casualty events. Working with the...
A RadResponder screen shows the 10-point monitoring survey points overlaying a map image of a radiological incident. This feature is one example of the guidance tools jointly developed by NUSTL and selected for integration in FEMA’s RadResponder system.

RadResponder Radiological Emergency Network

July 17, 2018
RadResponder is identified in the 2016 Nuclear Radiological Incident Annex as the national system for radiation data aggregation and is considered the standard resource for giving...
Acadisreadinesssuite 10052078
Training & Careers

Acadis Readiness Suite Training Management Software

April 16, 2018
The Acadis Readiness Suite, designed to make certain that our public safety and military professionals are trained, equipped and ready to respond, measures readiness by automating...
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Incident Command Equipment

RhodiumSE Incident Management Tool for Special Events

Incident Response Technologies Inc.'s (IRT) RhodiumSE is an incident management tool focused specifically on special events. The cloud-based software builds on IRT's widely utilized...