Va. Police Officer Violently Attacked Inside Cruiser; Suspect Killed

May 12, 2023
A Fairfax County police officer investigating a report of a stolen U-Haul truck was attacked inside his cruiser and his gun was taken by a suspect who was fatally shot by a responding officer.

A Virginia police officer who had come across a stolen moving truck was "violently attacked" inside his cruiser Thursday by a suspect who was then shot and killed by other responding officers.

The incident happened at about 4 p.m. when a Fairfax County police officer in Alexandria had spotted a U-Haul truck in a parking lot that had been reported stolen in Richmond, WUSA-TV reports. The officer then approached a man standing outside the U-Haul.

While the officer was standing in front of the open driver-side door of his cruiser, the man began "violently attacking" him, according to police. The officer was able to radio for help and told dispatch that the suspect had taken his service weapon.

During the attack, the cruiser was sent into reverse, and the vehicle barreled down the street and into another fast food restaurant parking lot. Security camera footage captured the cruiser crashing into parked vehicles as the attack continued.

Two officers responded to the scene, and one officer opened fire at the suspect. The man did not let up his attack, and a second officer charged toward the vehicle, pulled the suspect off the officer and fatally shot the man.

The attacked officer suffered a bloodied eye, bruises and other minor injuries. He called the 24-year veteran officer who took down the attacker a hero.

No other officers were injured in the incident. Police recovered the officer's gun that the suspect had taken.

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