ElZetta M60 LED Light & Mount

July 30, 2010
Short of shooting it, I don't think I could find anything more abusive than what I simulated in the testing.

Awhile back I was sent a light mount from ElZetta Design LLC. It was a basic - but very functional - light mount to equip any AR/M4 style rifle with a tactical light that had a 1" body diameter. Since most of them do it worked pretty well. Just a couple weeks ago I received two new products from ElZetta to test. The first is one of their flashlights: the ZFL-M60 LED. The other was another light mount: the ZORM Tactical Flashlight Holder. True to form I beat up the flashlight and tinkered with the mount. I wasn't disappointed with the performance of either one. Here's why...

Let's start out with the light. The ZFL-M60 is an LED driven light powered by two CR123 3V batteries. The published material says it produces 235 lumens of light for 1.5 hours (the two cell model - more on that momentarily). After that 1.5 hours, the light will continue to produce "useful levels" of light for another 6.5 hours. The light's body is constructed of Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized Aluminum. Hard stats are:

  • Length: 4.7"
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Body Diameter: 1"

The ElZetta M60 uses a Malkoff M60 LED module. The light's design - both exterior and interior - is to maximize efficiency specifically with the Malkoff LED. This means you cannot use LED modules from other manufacturers to replace the one in your ElZetta M60 should you manage to break it. That said, I beat mine up pretty good and wasn't able to break it - much less mar up the surface. Testing included:

  • 10 drops onto concrete from a height of approximately 7' (as high as I could reach)
  • 10 throws down my gravel road with a distance traveled in air of about 50 feet per throw
  • 1/4 mile drag behind my car down a different gravel road, average travel speed 15mph

Short of shooting it, I didn't think I'd find anything more abusive than what is simulated in that testing.

The bezel of the light is available in two format: crenellated or non-crenellated. The crenellated bezel has scallop shaped curves around the forward edge of the bezel. Obviously you can use the light's bezel as a striking tool if it's in your hand and circumstances call for such. If the bezel is crenellated it's likely to do more damage to the impactee.

Now let's talk about options. The ZFL-M60 can be purchased as a 2-cell OR3-cell model. If you choose the 3-cell you get the same 235 lumens of light but for 2.5 hours with an additional 10 hours of usefulness tagged on. That can be extended further by choosing one of the optional tailcap switches available:

  1. Rotary Tailcap - Momentary activation is achieved by pressing the pushbutton. Constant On is achieved by rotating the Tailcap fully clockwise.
  2. Clicky Tailcap - Momentary activation is achieved by pressing the pushbutton lightly. Constant On is achieved by pressing the pushbutton firmly until it 'Clicks' (pressing firmly again will Click the Light off).
  3. High/Low Tailcap - Activation is achieved exactly like the Clicky Tailcap described above in either the High or Low mode. High Output (235 Lumens) occurs when the Tailcap is rotated fully Clockwise (screwed all the way on). Low Output (~15 Lumens) occurs when the Tailcap is rotated Counter-Clockwise (unscrewed) anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 rotation from the High position.

The light can be purchased with your choice of:

  • Bezel - crenellated or non
  • body - 2-cell or 3-cell
  • tailcap switch - as described above

Pricing is commensurate with options you select when you order.

Moving on, I also received the ZORM Tactical Flashlight Holder. The ZORM mount / holder is designed to be quickly attached to any picatinny system. It would mount on the side and position the light just below and to the right of the barrel / handguards (if you're looking at the front of the weapon, the light would be at about the 7 o'clock position). Manufactured from Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized Aluminum, the mount can be semi-permanently attached to your weapon by way of securing the thumb-nut with safety wire or the included cotter pin (both keep it from unscrewing thereby locking the mount securely onto your weapon). If you have the need to attach another accessory to the face of the ZORM Mount, you can. There are two holes pre-tapped so you can add the ElZetta ZPR118 Picatinny Rail, replacing the 3 bars and 2 slots of picatinny you covered when you put on the mount.

The ZORM Mount weighs about two-and-a-half ounces according to the published material and will hold any flashlight with a body diameter between .7 and 1.1". This is accomplished by the use of sizing adapters which are provided with the mount. Price point for the mount on the ElZetta website (linked below) is $65.95. As always, I recommend you search around and price shop.

All in all I was impressed with the light. It certainly took all I threw at it and kept on working with no issues. The mount is handy and easy to manage and isn't ElZetta product specific for use. I recommend you check them both out.

Stay Safe!

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