Lawmaker Urges N.Y. Police Officers to Move to North Texas

April 9, 2024
An ad from a U.S. representative from Irving calling for police officers to "Escape New York and Move To Texas" appeared in the New York Post.

U.S. Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R- Irving, bought a full-page ad in Tuesday’s New York Post urging New York police officers to seek employment in North Texas.

The ad featured the headline: “Ladies and Gentlemen of Law Enforcement It’s Time to Escape New York and Move To Texas!” Underneath it was a list of 15 North Texas law enforcement agencies where New York officers can apply.

“Your lives don’t have to be endangered by violent career criminals who are never locked away,” the ad states. “You don’t have to be beaten on the streets by gangs of illegal immigrant criminals. And you don’t have to be endlessly insulted by budget cuts by Defund the Police politicians.”

“It’s time for you to leave these loathsome and destructive fools behind,” the ad continues. “Escape from New York.”

Van Duyne’s ad comes after New York police officer Jonathan Diller was killed last month when he approached two men in a car parked at a bus stop. The Post and other media outlets have reported the men had extensive criminal histories.

Amid a nationwide debate over criminal justice and police reforms, Republican officials in Texas have opposed efforts to soften cash bail policies or scale back prosecution of some nonviolent offenses.

“Like so many others around the country, we were heartbroken over the senseless and utterly tragic loss of your brother in blue,” the ad states.

Van Duyne, who hosts one of the largest job fairs in North Texas, said New York’s loss would benefit North Texas. She said that her August job fair typically attracts law enforcement agencies looking for officers.

“Every year, we have numerous law enforcement agencies looking for good officers and if I can marry up even one good officer to come to North Texas — it will be worth it for our community and for that officer,” Van Duyne told The Dallas Morning News.

Van Duyne said the ad was purchased with campaign funds, adding it “will be well worth the cost” if New York law enforcement officers moved to Texas. Van Duyne, who is up for reelection in November against Democrat Sam Eppler, did not disclose the cost of the ad.

Eppler, a former high school principal, said Van Duyne didn’t have any serious policy proposals that would attract more police officers to Texas. He said if elected to Congress he would push for a $7,500 tax credit for law enforcement officers, teachers and first responsders.

“This is an example of MAGA [Make America Great Again] theatrics,” he said of the ad. “This isn’t policy.”

A spokesperson for New York City Hall said the police department “is composed of our nation’s best, brightest, and strongest individuals” who have worked to drive down crime citywide.

“Instead of wasting New Yorkers’ time and Texans’ money to try to gain cheap political points, Representative Van Duyne should focus on finding ways to reduce the high homicide rates in Texas that have continued under her time in office,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Elected leaders in Texas and New York have been at odds for years, most notably over immigration and border security policies.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2022 began busing migrants to New York and other cities controlled by Democrats. While the move brought awareness to problems at the southern border, it left New York with a crisis of its own as officials struggled to find resources to deal with the 180,000 migrants in the city.

Last week, Abbott was in New York for a state Republican Party fundraiser, and New York Mayor Eric Adams sarcastically said he should stay in a shelter that houses migrants “so he can see what he has created.”


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