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May 10, 2022
Paul Markel
S&W M&P9 w/KKM Precision threaded barrel and TiRant silencer from AAC

The Quiet Continues: Suppressed Pistols

July 20, 2012
When discussing silencers or suppressor we need to accept the fact that the noise is merely a byproduct of the cartridge igniting. Hiram Percy Maxim (his dad made the machine-...
Paul Markel
The path to mastery requires dedication and sacrifice but it is always worth the effort.

Does Mediocrity Feel Good?

July 18, 2012
To a great extent lately I’ve been putting pen to paper and extolling the merits of training and practice with firearms. To my chagrin I’ve encountered a voiced resistance to ...
Kevin Davis
Your travel Every Day Carry (EDC): gun, spare mag, knife, light, GPS

Vacation Safety and Survival

July 9, 2012
Simple steps and trips to have a safer vacation this summer
Paul Markel
The new Quiet-22™ rimfire ammunition from CCI is accurate with a hushed report.

CCI Quiet-22™: Get Back to Basics

June 25, 2012
When you are a peace officer you have enough to worry about without the citizens complaining about the noise from gunfire. Touch off a round from your pistol, shotgun, or patrol...
Charles Bennett
S&WK-38 Combat Masterpiece .38 revolver, later known as the Model 15.

Two Legendary Police Firearms for Legendary Lawmen

June 1, 2012
Both of these fine revolvers can be had for a deal at your local gun store. I’m glad I’ve hung onto the Model 64 and I look forward to passing my father’s K-38 down to my child...