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At Sirchie our mission is to help our customers make communities safer.  Making communities safer through responding, investigating, analyzing, supporting, and educating with Sirchie solutions.  Our products are used by law enforcement around the world during their daily activities on the job.

Sirchie manufactures high quality Products, builds customized special purpose Vehicles, and provides hands-on Training to the global law enforcement community.  Sirchie takes pride in providing world class customer service while delivering the best tools to meet your mission available today.  Visit to see our full offering.

Brands include NARK® presumptive drug reagent kits; KRIMESITE™ Imager RUVIS system; LABKAM® Laboratory Video-Based RUVIS capture system; SIRCHMARK™ evidence marking products; FOCOS2™ Dual Camera Forensic Optical Comparison Examination System, and more.

The Sirchie Vehicle Division manufactures special-purpose vehicles for law enforcement with our entire offerings available on GSA Schedule 84 for local, county, state, and Federal entities as an option to make your purchase process easy.  We perform upgrades adding modern technologies and features on existing department vehicles to help extend the life of your low mileage, high usage vehicles.

Sirchie Training is conducted at our dedicated training facilities in Youngsville, North Carolina or at facilities provided by host departments around the world.  Our Evidence Collection class continues to set the industry standard.  Classes are available throughout 2016, with new classes including Comprehensive Crime Scene Photography, Firearm and Toolmark ID and Shooting Reconstruction, Footwear Identification, and more.

Sirchie Tactical supplies officers with tactical gear including our Premier Crown riot helmets and shields that are assembled in our NC location to ensure the highest quality.

Sirchie Surveillance builds solutions that are portable using the latest technology so they can be viewed, recorded, and controlled remotely increasing safety during missions.  This includes our full line of disguised surveillance vehicles.  We also update and upgrade existing surveillance vehicles.  This is an exceptional value for departments who want to extend the life of their vehicle that is high, hard usage and most often very low mileage.

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