Covert Technology

The Covert Technology product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching various law enforcement Covert Technology options.
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Apps (mobile, tablet & computer)

WorkFone - Virtual Mobile Phone App

Sept. 10, 2016
Problem:Today our lives – our entire identities – are increasingly tied up with our online accounts and information; all of this information is consolidated in our smartphones...
The WTX Kit includes the adapter and the PTT low-energy Bluetooth button.
Covert Technology

Self-Powered Covert Communications Kit - WTX Kit (GET 10% OFF!)

Pryme’s WTX Kit is a two-piece set that includes a cell phone headset adapter for two-way radios plus a wireless “finger” PTT switch with Velcro mounting strap. The self-powered...
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IROC Upper - IR15/7

April 16, 2015
Retail: $1429.95Rocket Science on your weapon platform!The IR15-7 Complete Upper Assembly is uniquely designed as the new fresh, streamlined look from the conventional AR15 platform...
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Radios & Accessories

Officers Remain Covert with CIPS (Covert In Plain Sight) Communications Kit

TCI introduced an ingenious CIPS (“Covert In Plain Sight”) Communications Kit for police officers. The new CIPS Kit allows plainclothes officers to remain covert as they transmit...
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Video Cameras

CovertCam – Covert Surveillance System

CovertCam is a self-contained Audio/Video Surveillance System designed for the most challenging environments. It is ideal for BAIT vehicle deployment and in any situation where...