Active Shooter in Colorado Opens Fire in Supermarket

March 22, 2021
An active shooter in Boulder, Colorado opened fire in a grocery store.

BOULDER, COLORADO-FBI and local law enforcement responded to an active shooter at a supermarket at around 2:30 in the afternoon. 

One witness said they were about to go grocery shopping when they heard gunfire and saw three people who were injured. A store employee then told him there was an active shooter inside. 

Police were able to save other patrons such as a man and his children by rescuing them through the roof. 

At one point police escorted a man in handcuffs out of the store but it is unknown at this time if he was a suspect in the incident. Another witness said the shooter did not say anything before he began shooting. 

Authorities were also seen escorting more people out of the building while giving the shooter commands over the loud speaker. 

At this time it is unknown how many are injured or if there are any casualties. 

About the Author

Hilary Rodela

Hilary Rodela is currently a Surveillance Officer, a former Private Investigator, a former Crime Scene Investigator, and Evidence Technician. She worked for the Ruidoso (NM) Police Department as well as the Lubbock (TX) Police Department. She has written for several public safety publications and has extensive law enforcement and forensic training and is pursuing forensic expertise in various disciplines. Hilary is a freelance public safety writer and curriculum developer for the National Investigative Training Academy.

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