Active Shooter Podcast: Carrying the Right Gear to Save Lives

Nov. 28, 2023
From helmets and body armor to trauma care, the final episode of our six-part series talks about essential gear and equipment for active shooter incidents.

Like bank robberies in the 1920s and violent crimes fueled by the illegal drug trade in the 1980s and early 1990s, active shooter incidents have become one of the biggest challenges for 21st-century law enforcement. These incidents have become a point of emphasis for agencies over the past two decades, and new tactics, strategies and training have continued to be developed in order to best prepare officers and save lives.

Across the next two months, OFFICER Magazine's Officer Roll Call podcast will release a six-part series—sponsored by FirstNet—that examines the topic. The "Active Shooter Events & Response Evolution" podcast series will look at not how active shooter incidents have changed over the years and how law enforcement has been using accumulated knowledge and new technology to adapt.


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In this sixth and final episode, News Editor Joe Vince and retired Lt. Frank Borelli discuss equipment needs from the most basic to "wishful thinking" for responding personnel, as well as those immediate responders in or on the scene when the attack starts.

Check out the "Active Shooter Events & Response Evolution" podcast series page for individual episode descriptions and a release schedule. 

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Joe Vince

Joining Endeavor Business Media in 2018, Joe has worked on the company's city services publications. He began working at as the assistant editor. Before starting at Endeavor, Joe had worked for a variety of print and online news outlets, including the Indianapolis Star, the South Bend Tribune, Reddit and

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