Search and Rescue - Video shows the what we all knew drones were going to do one day

Feb. 9, 2016

There are a few times my specialized interests from my personal life stands up into my professional. This is one of them. Through a social media news feed I found some footage of a team demonstrating their drone (or UAV, UAS, etc.) for a search and rescue proof of concept. reported it, credit to them - here's their original post Feb. 8.

We all knew this was coming, right? Get eyes in the air quick and put surveillance where it may be too dangerous for first responders to get to (for the moment). 

To be honest they came up with something so seemingly simple: integration of collision detection with a cage protecting the robotic parts. I've never seen this idea before, it sounds obvious, really. Watch as it bounces and basically spelunks into an ice cave. (The link should open to a Facebook page.)

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