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Feb. 6, 2023
Listen to OFFICER Magazine's network of podcasts, including Officer Roll Call, Undercover Dad, Command Q&A and The Lineup.

OFFICER Magazine has been rolling out its new law enforcement podcasts. Here's what's available for readers to check out.

Officer Roll Call

The Officer Roll Call podcast covers a vast range of subjects in the law enforcement community. Topics range from news to equipment to policy and more.  Lt. Frank Borelli, OFFICER Media Group's editorial director, and the editorial team, along with industry experts, trainers and consultants, fill each podcast episode with information that is of value to the law enforcement profession and entertaining for all listeners.

Undercover Dad

Undercover Dad features OFFICER Assistant Editor Joe Vince talking with retired ATF agent Joseph J. Vince Jr. about his father's time working undercover in Detroit and Flint, Michigan, in the 1970s. The podcast looks at the elder Vince's career, touching on the colorful aspects of the job and discussing the changes law enforcement has seen over the decades. And because it's father-and-son podcasts, episodes will explore how working undercover affected family life and work-life balance.

Command Q&A

The new Command Q&A podcast features a one-on-one interview with police leaders around the country. These interviews with OFFICER's editorial staff will focus on a range of topics, getting the views of chiefs, sheriffs, assistant chiefs and other leadership team members from a variety of agencies.

Listen to new episodes and get onboard with the podcast. Episodes are available on Podbean.

The Lineup

Every Friday, The Lineup podcast rounds up the week's most intriguing law enforcement news and goes behind the headlines. Editorial Director Frank Borelli and Assistant Editor Joe Vince will look at the stories that have people talking, and they'll give their own takes on the topics, from discussing a police department's latest recruiting and retention efforts to putting a spotlight on a daring arrest. 

How to Listen

OFFICER Magazine's podcasts are available through the following outlets:

Check back here as more episodes are available.

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