Henry Rifles USA FOP & Sheriff's Tribute Rifles

Sept. 15, 2022
A quick review of the tribute rifles Henry Rifles USA released honoring the FOP and Sheriffs.

Some years back I was honored to receive a Henry Repeating Arms Law Enforcement Tribute Edition rifle. Built out of their Golden Boy rifle, the 24k gold-plated engraving was patterned by world-renowned engraver Heidi Roos. That rifle remains in my gun safe, the action never opened, wrapped in felt. Having it and knowing the type of support Henry Repeating Arms has always given to law enforcement, I wasn’t surprised at all to receive news that they’ve recently released both Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and American Sheriff tribute editions.

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The FOP tribute rifle is definitely a working officer’s rifle. Built out of the Big Boy X Model, the rifle is chambered for .357/.38 Special and the magazine tube holds seven rounds.

The barrel is 17.4” long per the published specifications. The rear sight is a fully adjustable fiber optic sight and the front sight is a fiber optic insert. The receiver is already drilled and tapped to put on optics and with BB-RSM scope mount. The stocks are listed in the specs as Black Synthetic with the shoulder stock adding a solid black rubber recoil pad.

On the stock, very neatly laser-engraved, is the FOP star/logo on top of a waving American flag. With an overall length of 36.3” and weighing just over seven pounds, this Big Boy X is ready to hit the streets.

The American Sheriffs Tribute Edition is built on a different platform and is far prettier. There are two Sheriffs tribute rifles (just like the FOP rifles and I’ll get to the second FOP rifle in a minute): The Henry American Sheriff Tribute Edition Golden Boy .22 S/L/LR and the Henry American Sheriff Tribute Edition Big Boy .357 Mag/.38 Spl.

The Golden Boy rifle sports engraved gold inlays surrounded by what looks like silver. The Big Boy rifle used has a nicely engraved receiver with a star sporting the words “Integrity, Honor, Loyalty” and “The American Sheriff since 1634.” On the other side is engraved an antique pair of handcuffs with keys and an image of an old jail house with the words “Enforcing The Law.”

Both of these rifles are side-ejecting, so you can put optics on them. The stocks and fore end are wood and the overall finish work is just pristine. Were I to acquire one of these Sheriffs Tribute rifles, it would go into my safe, never to have the action opened or the first round loaded—much less fired.

The FOP Tribute Edition Golden Boy .22 S/L/LR has that pretty finish, wood furniture, top ejection and engraved golden finish receiver. All of the Golden Boy variants of these rifles have a metal plate covering the end of the wooden shoulder stock so you’re going to get the full feel and power of whatever your rifle chambers. If that’s .22 S/L/LR, no big deal. If it’s the .357 Magnum, you’re going to feel it a bit more, but it’s certainly manageable.   

This article appeared in the September issue of OFFICER Magazine.

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