Video: Minn. Officers Ambushed by Gunman

Jan. 10, 2013
St. Paul police released surveillance video this week of a shootout that sent an officer to the hospital.

St. Paul police released surveillance video this week of a shootout that sent an officer to the hospital and left one St. Paul man dead last fall.

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The videos were from a squad car and a rooftop security camera on the night of Oct. 23, when two officers were ambushed by Chue Xiong, 22, in a school parking lot on the East Side of St. Paul.

That night, Xiong had stolen a shotgun and compound bow from his family before officers Daniel King and Brian Wanschura spotted him in the parking lot of Hope Community Academy charter school on Payne and Minnehaha Avenues across the street from the police's Eastern District office.

As they arrived in their marked squad car, Xiong raised his shotgun. When Xiong fired at them, the officers shot back and killed him. King was shot twice and had to undergo surgery.

In the squad car video, the car appears to come out of an alley and go up the street and turn into the school parking lot and then hit a dumpster as shots and yells ring out.

In the surveillance from the rooftop of the school, Wanschura can be seen rolling out of the passenger side of the car while it's still in motion and returning fire at a man who appears to come out from behind a shed in the lot. The man appears to run back behind the shed as Wanschura shoots. Other officers quickly arrive at the scene.

Last month, a grand jury determined no charges would be filed against King and Wanschura.

Last year, St. Paul police shot and killed three civilians in a matter of months including another man, who was being investigated for narcotics, shot and killed the same day as Xiong. Minnesota law enforcement shot and killed 10 people in total last year, according to preliminary data from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

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