Oklahoma Sheriff's Deputy Saves Elderly Woman, Dogs From House Fire

March 3, 2020
Wagoner County Sheriff's K-9 Deputy D. Watkins rescued an elderly woman and four dogs from a house fire Saturday.

WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma -- A Wagoner County Sheriff's deputy rescued an elderly woman and several dogs from a house fire over the weekend.

K-9 Deputy D. Watkins was the first on the scene of a reported structure fire Saturday around 4:45 a.m., according to a news release.

Watkins observed that the fully engulfed structure was abandoned, but the fire had jumped to a neighboring residence, which he knew was occupied by an elderly woman. The occupant of the residence was believed to be asleep and was not answering the door.

Watkins sprang into action and prepared to kick the door in but discovered the door was unlocked. When Watkins entered the residence, the attached garage was fully engulfed. 

The deputy rushed into the residence to wake up the homeowner when the woman became scared and began trying to gather belongings. She also became worried about her four dogs. Watkins led the woman to safety and once she was outside, he ensured the dogs were out of the residence.

Once the woman and her dogs were out of the residence, Watkins ensured they were all taken to a safe location. As they made their way to a neighboring house, there was an explosion in the garage.

"Deputy Watkin’s dedication to the Toppers community aided in providing life saving measures," officials said in a statement. "His quick actions saved the homeowner and her pets from a fiery death. Deputy Watkins went above and beyond his duties, by running into a burning house. Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott commends Deputy Watkins for his selflessness, bravery, and courage by risking his own life, to save another."

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