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CovertTrack Group, Inc. is a surveillance solutions company specializing in GPS Tracking and Covert Surveillance Technology for law enforcement and government applications.

At CovertTrack Group, we develop innovative, world-class, surveillance technology that enables investigators to conduct covert operations safely and effectively.

Cutting-edge Surveillance Systems from CovertTrack are designed for optimal concealment, while enabling investigators to covertly monitor a targets activity day and night. Devices incorporate a variety of surveillance technologies including video, audio and GPS tracking to provide the ideal solution for any surveillance operation.


Our cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions enable live tracking in any environment, for extended periods of time. Combined with a state-of-the-art, custom online tracking center, investigators can track assets, vehicles or people down to sub-minute intervals on any internet enabled computer or device.

Our newest generation of GPS tracking devices last longer and out-perform more expensive devices in the marketplace. Most devices track as frequently as 5 second intervals, with our innovative battery technologies offering more operation time - 30 to 45 days of live tracking - which translates to fewer risks out in the field.

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