Pa. Police Officer Jumps into Canal to Save Man During Chase

July 1, 2022
An Allentown police officer saved a 21-year-old man from drowning when he had difficulty in the water after plunging into a canal to escape the officer during a foot chase.

Allentown police officers chasing a man ended up saving him after he jumped into a canal, the department said.

Police on patrol early Thursday morning saw an empty car parked after hours in the Lehigh Canal Park off East Walnut Street.

As city officers walked to the vehicle, a man and a woman appeared in the park’s woods, and the man ran away, according to police.

During the chase, the man jumped into the canal, but was having difficulty in the water and appeared to be in distress, police said.

Officer Phil Shedaker saved the man from drowning, and two other officers jumped in to help get the man to shore, police said.

The 21-year-old man was charged with giving a false ID to police and disorderly conduct.


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