Video: Okla. Officer Stops Man Threatening Others at Gunpoint

Nov. 28, 2023
Security and body camera footage captured a deadly confrontation between an Oklahoma City police officer and a gunman who threatened people at an apartment building.

An Oklahoma police officer was caught in an exchange of gunfire with an armed man who threatened people at gunpoint inside an apartment building lobby earlier this month.

The incident happened Nov. 9 when a man—identified as Azjaynee Ownes-Bey—put a gun to the head of a man inside an Oklahoma City apartment building, KFOR-TV reports. Security camera footage released by police captured the tense confrontation, and the man was eventually able to get away from Owens-Bey.

Exiting the elevator, Owens-Bey began pointing his gun at another person in the lobby before making his way outside and threatening bystanders. That's when police reached the apartment building.

“When officers arrived at the scene, the armed suspect was in the parking lot and refused to put down the gun,” said Capt. Valerie Littlejohn.

Master Sgt. Daniel Higginbottom was the first officer to make contact with Owens-Bey, who held his gun over his head as he went back inside the apartment lobby.

“He’s got three people at gun point,” Higginbottom can be heard saying in body camera footage. “Put the gun down. Put the gun down.”

Once inside, Owens-Bey continued to brandish his gun, and Higginbottom fired three shots, which did not hit the suspect. Owens-Bey hid behind a vending machine and returned fire before putting down his weapon.

But as soon as he dropped his gun, Owens-Bey went back to pick it up, ignoring Higginbottom's commands to stop. As Owens-Bey went for the weapon, the officer opened fire and fatally shot the suspect.

The shooting is under investigation.

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