Watch Ga. Police Officer Shatter Window to Save Boy in Hot SUV

Oct. 11, 2023
When Cobb County police were called to a neighborhood over kids chasing dogs, the officers found a 4-year-old boy trapped inside an SUV with the temperature outside hitting over 80 degrees.

A Georgia police officer broke the window of a hot SUV to save a 4-year-old boy who was trapped inside last week.

Cobb County police responded to a report about unattended kids chasing dogs through a neighborhood, WAGA-TV reports. When officers reached the scene, they found a child stuck inside an SUV with the windows up and the temperature outside reaching over 80 degrees.

 "As soon as we saw the child, we knew that we had to try to get that kid out," a trainee officer told WAGA.

The officers told the boy to stay away from the window, and Officer Ryan Eustace shattered the glass. Once they were able to access the vehicle, they opened the door and pulled out the frantic, crying child.

"He was visibly shaken," Eustace said. "He was crying and screaming. His cheeks were red. Had sweat on him. It probably would’ve been a worst-case scenario."

Police weren't sure how the boy ended up in the vehicle; if he accidentally locked the doors on himself or if someone else had locked him in. The boyfriend of the child’s mother was arrested and charged with two counts of child cruelty.

"They’re the most innocent people we have. When you see a child in distress. It hits you differently," said Eustace.

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