Video: Tenn. Deputy Dragged 100 Feet in Deadly Traffic Stop Struggle

Aug. 30, 2023
Body camera and other footage was released from a June traffic stop that captures a confrontation between a Shelby County sheriff's deputy and a 21-year-old driver, who was fatally shot.

Video footage was released showing a dramatic confrontation between Tennessee deputy and a 21-year-old driver during a June traffic stop that left the deputy serious injured and the driver dead.

The incident happened June 24 when a Shelby County sheriff's deputy stopped Jarveon Hudspeth in a white Mustang, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports. Body camera footage shows the deputy asking Hudspeth for his license, and Hudspeth discloses that he has a firearm in the car.

After patting down Hudspeth, the deputy tells him to wait in his cruiser while he searches the car. That's when Hudspeth seems to ask to return to his car and gets behind the wheel.

A struggle ensues between Hudspeth and the deputy, who climbs into the front seat of the car as it drives off. The body camera footage is unclear during this confrontation.

Footage from the deputy's dashboard camera and a Ring security camera capture the car driving away. As the car travels along, the deputy tells Hudspeth to stop, but the driver appears to knock the deputy out of the car after 100 feet.

The deputy hits the pavement, and it's unclear when the shots were fired that struck and killed Hudspeth.

Following the incident, the deputy was hospitalized in critical condition. His injuries were so serious that he was not allowed to speak with investigators initially. 

When the deputy was able to talk, he was unable to recall why he had pulled over Hudspeth, according to Sheriff Floyd Bonner.

"He does not remember," he said. "He does not remember it. When you see the video, you'll understand why he possibly couldn't remember." 

"I think the video speaks for itself," added Bonner.

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