Review: 12,600 Steps in ALTAI's Side-Zip Uniform Boots

Aug. 14, 2017
Breaking in a pair of ALTAI Gear's new MFT 100-ZS walking 6 miles at Police Security Expo

When planning to walk a trade show floor, a festival, fair or any other event where there's a lot of walking, the biggest concern is to ensure I'm wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. At least for me. In my tenure here at, I've attended my fair share of trade shows and typically been lucky in finding great shoes to keep comfortable. But, after day one of this year's SHOT Show, my trusty fashion loafers were no longer cutting it and decided right then and there my next pair of trade show shoes would be a pair of duty boots. 

I decided to go with the 6" ALTAI MFT100-ZS. Their new side zip launched in June in time for my next trade show, the Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, N.J. When choosing a trade show shoe, the first rule of thumb is the aforementioned comfort. The second is to never wear shoes for the first time at an event like this. But, I went for it and wore them brand new, out of the box.

I know what you're thinking, I must be crazy, right? I was thinking the same thing and that I was going to regret the decision of wearing a brand new, never worn, pair of boots at a show I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking - my Apple Watch tracked an average of 12,600 steps per day (roughly 6 miles). I also worried about the heat my feet would endure by wearing a thick shoe. In fact, when I told a colleague I wanted to get a pair, this was her exact comment: "I wore a pair in the past, but stopped because they were so hot."

These boots definitely lived up to the comfort claims made by the company being lightweight, breathable and comfortable. At the end of the show, my feet weren't throbbing or red, I didn't need band aids and I never once felt my feet were too hot. They did rub on the back of my ankles which could be attributed to breaking in or the fact that I didn't wear great socks which I'm really thinking is the culprit. But, if a little rubbing on the back of my ankles is the worst I'll experience in breaking in a new pair of shoes, I'll take it. It was nice having the side zip going through security at the airport making it for easy off and on going through security.

ALTAI also promotes the boot's durability, being waterproof and quick drying. I have not had enough wear to test.

I learned this particular pair of Altai Boots, the MF100-ZS is an agency-approved boot. Outside of that, 2% of each online sale will go to support Tyler the Donut Boy's mission which directly thanks each individual law enforcement professional in the U.S. for their service to our communities. You can learn more about Tyler the Donut Boy at

All in all for my first pair of boots, I'm impressed and no longer dread walking a trade show floor.

About the Author

Lt. Frank Borelli (ret), Editorial Director | Editorial Director

Lt. Frank Borelli is the Editorial Director for the Officer Media Group. Frank brings 20+ years of writing and editing experience in addition to 40 years of law enforcement operations, administration and training experience to the team.

Frank has had numerous books published which are available on,, and other major retail outlets.

If you have any comments or questions, you can contact him via email at [email protected].

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