Camera Captures Sound of Gunfire in Fatal Shooting of N.Y. Officer, Deputy

April 15, 2024
A Ring camera in the Salina neighborhood where a Syracuse police officer and a Washoe County sheriff's deputy were killed caught the exchange of gunfire between the officers and a suspect.

By Darian Stevenson


SALINA, NY — It was a quiet, still evening in a suburban neighborhood in Salina. The streets were mostly empty with neighbors winding down for the night.

Suddenly gunfire filled the silence.

The explosion of gunfire was caught on a Ring camera at a home on Trivet Drive, about 125 feet behind the shooting at a Darien Drive home. The clip has been shared hundreds of times, circulating on social media

The gunshots lasted about nine seconds, with shots firing off so fast, it is impossible to count how many were fired.

The video is timestamped and matches the moment two officers and a suspect exchange gun fire.

A Syracuse police officer and a sheriff’s deputy were killed. The shooter, Christopher R. Murphy, 33, also was killed, authorities said.

Earlier Sunday, officers attempted to pull a vehicle over in the city’s Tipp Hill neighborhood at about 7 p.m., Syracuse police Chief Joe Cecile said Sunday. The driver refused and sped off.

Minutes later, the vehicle was spotted again going nearly 100 mph near Destiny USA. Officers decided against pursuing both times. Police instead took the plate number, which led them to a home at 4945 Darien Drive in Salina.

That’s where the shooting happened.

Syracuse police and the Onondaga County sheriff’s office are expected to hold the news conference at 4 p.m. at The Oncenter in downtown Syracuse, according to Sgt. Thomas Blake, a spokesperson for the Syracuse Police Department.


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