Watch Fla. Good Samaritans Flip Overturned SUV, Help Crash Victims

March 27, 2024
"This is the spirit of Daytona Beach," the city's police department said on social media, praising bystanders who rushed to help after a two-car collision at a busy intersection, even putting a flipped vehicle upright.

By Olivia Lloyd

Source The Charlotte Observer

When two cars collided at a busy Florida intersection, an SUV flipped on its side, video shows.

Then a group of bystanders stepped in.

The accident happened the afternoon of Tuesday, March 26, according to a news release from the Daytona Beach Police Department.

A video posted by the department shows an SUV turning left as it collides into another SUV heading straight. The turning SUV spins and flips over on its side, and the other vehicle comes to a stop in the middle of the intersection.

No one gets out of the overturned vehicle.

Traffic continues past the crash, but one-by-one, more drivers begin to stop and people rush to the aid of the SUV that flipped.

Within 30 seconds of the collision, eight people have gotten out of their vehicles, including from the one that crashed and remained upright. They hurry to the flipped SUV to try to set it upright.

They rock the SUV but struggle for a few moments to overturn it. Finally, they’re able to push it all the way over, and the SUV settles on four wheels again as the video ends.

“This is the spirit of Daytona Beach,” police said.

There were no serious injuries in the crash, according to police. McClatchy News reached out to the Daytona Beach Police Department to receive more details on the incident.

“Thank you to all the helpful passersby who stopped to lend a hand,” police said.

Daytona Beach is on the east coast of Florida, about a 60-mile drive northeast of Orlando.


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