Video Shows Fatal Shooting of NYPD Officer During Routine Stop

March 28, 2024
A security camera captured a shootout that erupted during a Queens traffic stop and had NYPD officers rushing to help fellow Officer Jonathan Diller, who was shot beneath his bullet resistant vest.

The video starts with three quick gunshots, followed by wails of pain and ending with police officers desperately trying to escape a convergence of NYPD vehicles so they can rush fallen comrade Officer Jonathan Diller to the hospital.

The tragedy played out in 3 minutes 10 seconds on Monday evening in Far Rockaway, surveillance video obtained by the Daily News of the shootout during a routine car stop shows.

The video, from a storefront camera on Mott Ave. near Smith St., shows pedestrians running for cover as shots are fired — one allegedly by suspect Guy Rivera that hit Diller in the abdomen beneath his bullet-resistant vest, the other two by Officer Veckash Khedna, striking Rivera in the back.

Almost immediately, other officers moved to aid Diller as he lay in the street behind the Kia Soul in which Rivera and driver Lindy Jones were seated.


Thirty seconds after the shots rang out, officers can be seen yanking Jones from the driver’s seat and bringing him to the ground, where he was handcuffed.

Forty seconds later, sirens can be heard in the distance. They grow louder and louder until an unmarked car pulls up by the Kia, with officers frantically working to get Diller into the back seat

One minute and 17 seconds later, an officer hits the gas to rush Diller to Jamaica Hospital but finds himself stuck in traffic, several police vehicles blocking his path in either direction.

Thirty seconds later, with one SUV backing up and another driving in the same direction, the path was cleared and the car carrying Diller sped off in reverse.

Diller tragically died at Jamaica Hospital.

Rivera is recovering at the same hospital from a gunshot wound to his back. He has yet to be charged.

Jones was charged with gun possession Wednesday. A 9mm gun was allegedly found in the SUV’s glove compartment, police said.


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