Ohio Officers Injured in Struggle With EMS Patient

June 12, 2013
A series of events landed two Hamilton police officers in the hospital on Tuesday.

HAMILTON, Ohio -- A Hamilton man is facing multiple felony charges after a series of events that landed two Hamilton police officers in the hospital, according to Sgt. Ed Buns, a spokesman for the Hamilton Police Department

The incident occurred at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday when paramedics responded to a second-story apartment in the 1000 block of Heaton Street for a possible heroin overdose.

Paramedics administered a drug to revive 46-year-old Billy Ray Hall, but when he regained consciousness, he jumped up and became combative, attempting to choke firefighter/paramedic Dan Bagley, according to Buns.

With the help of additional medics, Hall released his grip, according to police reports.

Amanda Corley, Hall's girlfriend, said he was disoriented when he regained consciousness and said, "I just want to go home. Who are all you people?"

Corley told the JournalNews that she and Hall had been out drinking at a neighborhood bar and walked to a friend's house afterward to sober up before driving home. She said when they got home early this morning, Hall said he wasn't feeling well and she suggested he take a bath.

When the water stopped, she turned around and Hall had turned pale and unresponsive with blue marks just below his eyebrows, Corley said, so she called his estranged wife, Katrina Hall, and then 911.

"He didn't know my name. I was smacking him in his face," Corley said.

When Officer David Patterson arrived at the top of the steps, Hall charged toward him, causing both men to tumble down the steep staircase, Buns said.

At the bottom of the steps, Hall continued to scuffle with Patterson and grabbed his testicles, according to police reports.

Arriving on the scene, police Officer Mike Thacker deployed a Taser, striking Hall in the buttocks and giving him the ability to gain control of Hall and handcuff him, according to reports.

Officers then walked Hall to a stretcher so he could be taken to Fort Hamilton Hospital, but Hall again became combative as medics attempted to remove the Taser probes.

During the ensuing struggle, one of the probes swung and struck Thacker on the right leg, resulting in a small puncture wound.

Patterson, who suffered injuries to his neck, left arm, left ankle and testicles, was taken to Bethesda Butler County, while Thacker was taken to Fort Hamilton Hospital. Both men were treated and released Tuesday, Buns said.

Hall was charged with felonious assault, felonious assault on a police officer, assault of a police officer and two counts of resisting arrest.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Hamilton Municipal Court. Hall's arrest record stretches back to 1990, according to municipal court records.

Corley disputed police accounts that Hall was being combative when he was Tased by police, who she said were also punching him.

She also said that paramedics caused the fall that sent Hall down the steps with two paramedics tumbling down behind him and into Officer Patterson.

"They shoved him down the steps," Corley said Tuesday, crying. "I called for help and they hurt him."

Katrina Hall, who was also on the scene, told the JournalNews Billy Ray Hall had been out of jail for a year-and-a-half, never tested "dirty" for his parole officer during that time and would not have taken any illegal drugs.

"We used to be on Oxycontin seven years ago and that's the worst withdrawals ever, so he won't do that," she said.

She and Corley said they believe someone at the bar might have put something in his drink.

Buns said the incident remains under investigation.

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